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A perfect brunch at Shiba Park with a view of the Tokyo Tower

All-you-can-eat bread spreads

What do the Japanese eat for breakfast? A Japanese breakfast mostly consists of rice, a miso soup, and Tamagoyaki. So, it’s mostly warm food. When the Japanese eat a western breakfast, they would probably eat toast, eggs, ham, and salad. No matter what kind of breakfast they eat, there is always a wide range of food to choose from. Breakfast in Japan is fun!!
However, I personally love brunch even more than breakfast. I am always looking for the perfect brunch restaurant in Tokyo. In Shiba Park I found it!

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Sleepover in Tokyo! (1) Staying at the Shiba Park Hotel 151

Our three writers – Hana from China, Yena from Korea, and Marei from Germany – stayed at the Shiba Park Hotel 151 in the Minato area in Tokyo. Shiba Park Hotel 151 opened in August 2016, so the hotel is still very new and very nice. The rooms are  very spacious double rooms, but an extra bed can be added to accommodate up to three persons. The interior decoration of the rooms is Japanese-style and relaxing.

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Spring has come! Best “Hanami” spots in Tokyo! (2017)

Spring has come! Every Japanese, no, everyone who lives in Japan is waiting every year for the moment when the cherry blossoms (“sakura”) begin to open and start to bloom. Going to parks and gardens to look at the cherry blossoms is called “hanami”. There are many ways to do a “hanami”. In this article, I would like to introduce various types of “hanami” and the spots I would recommend for doing so.

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The Best of Tokyo – Visit Minato City

The Minato Ward in Tokyo is an area with a lot of wonderful things for you to discover!
There is traditional Japanese culture (with temples and shrines), but there is also an interesting art scene with exciting art events. Shop where the locals do and visit a neighborhood shopping street – or go out and discover luxury brands. Minato ward is a “dangerous” place for all of us shopping addicts.
Furthermore, there is street food which you can buy at the traditional summer festivals, but also Japanese restaurants, delicious sweets, and restaurants with food from all parts of the world.
Of course, there are also places to have fun and plan activities. With many entertainment facilities to choose from, you can spend the whole day without getting bored 😉

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Where and how to watch a musical in Tokyo

Shiki Theatre Company

In Tokyo, you can enjoy high-quality entertainment culture from classical concerts and operas to stand-up comedy. I have lived in Tokyo for 8 years, but there is a lot of entertainment that I haven’t experienced yet. Actually, until now, I have never seen a musical in Japan. So it was time to see a musical! My friend Hana was my company.

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HOW TO ENJOY “Tokyo Night View”

Besides big cities like New York and Hong Kong, the night view of Tokyo is breathtakingly beautiful.

As dusk approaches, the office buildings, neon signboards and car headlights start to glow, and Tokyo changes to a fantastic landscape of lights.

This time, I chose some of the night view spots in Tokyo and would like to share them with you!

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