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Where to see the best views from leisure island Odaiba! Enjoy the view of Tokyo Bay from Daiba Park

Odaiba is an artificially created island in Tokyo Bay. It’s an entertainment hub that is now easily accessible by crossing the beautiful Rainbow Bridge. But did you know that it was originally created for a completely different purpose? Learn more about the island’s history and its spectacular view spots that even most locals don’t know!

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TOKYO STROLL: Tokyo Joypolis ー One of Japan’s largest indoor theme parks

Tokyo Joypolis is one of Japan’s largest indoor theme parks. The park features not only amazing attractions, but also many of the latest VR games. Since all attractions are located indoors, this park is also a great place to visit on rainy days. In our video today, we introduce the newest and most exciting attractions at Tokyo Joypolis that combine adventurous play and digital effects! Join us in our visit to this exciting indoors theme park!

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New Year’s in Tokyo 2021: All you need to know when visiting a shrine or a temple

Hatsumode, the first shrine or temple visit of the new year, is an important event in Japan. Not only for Japanese but also for foreign residents, visiting a shrine on New Year’s day to celebrate the beginning of the new year has become a new tradition. However, hatsumode in 2021 is different than previous years. COVID-19 is still spreading in and outside Japan, making it important to prevent crowds. In this article, we are introducing popular shrines and temples that tend to get crowded for hatsumode, and everything you need to know before visiting!

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