Enjoy Japan’s beautiful fall at these cafes with a terrace at Aoyama!

Fall in Tokyo is a beautiful season with many sunny days. It’s perfect weather for spending time outside. Maybe that’s why the Japanese have the expression “appetizing autumn (shokuyoku no aki)”, which holds the meaning that after the hot summer months you regain an appetite for yummy food. Go on a walk in the fashionable Aoyama and Omotesando area and take a break at a terrace café introduced in this articleーhere you can enjoy the “appetizing autumn” at its best!

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TOKYO STROLL: Walking across Rainbow Bridge!

Did you know that you can walk across the Rainbow Bridge, one of Tokyo’s most iconic landmarks in Tokyo Bay? The pedestrian walkway of the bridge is about 50 meters above sea level and is fantastic for a walk. You can look over the whole bay area. Watch our video for an impression of what the “Rainbow Promenade” is like and to get all the information you need before crossing the bridge!

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