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HOW TO HANAMI – Japanese cherry blossom viewing

Japanese cherry blossoms are famous all over the world. In Tokyo, cherry trees (“sakura“) start blooming at the end of March until the middle of April. Also, it’s the best travel season. One way to enjoy Japanese cherry blossoms is “hanami” (= cherry blossom viewing). Friends, couples and co-workers come together in parks throughout the city and make a picnic under the cherry trees.

In our video, well show you what you need for the perfect “hanami” picnic. Enjoy!!

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Visiting Japan’s best indoor amusement park at Odaiba


Were you born in the 70s or 80s? Then I am sure you remember SEGA’s „MEGA DRIVE“ console. It had these cool games with Sonic the Hedgehog and his fellows, running super fast through a colorful side scroll world. I remember these days very fondly Did you know that there is a place in Tokyo where you can actually dive into the world of SEGA? Yup, that’s “Joypolis”.

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Guided tour trough Japan’s No 1 international area Azabu-juban!


For many decades, foreigners have been living in Azabu-juban where a large number of embassies are located. The international atmosphere there is something special – something you won’t find anywhere else in Japan. In the center of Azabu-juban, you’ll find a huge shopping street area with a lot of cute shops. Boutiques with international couture and fancy cafes are located next to cheap (and useful) 100 Yen shops. In the middle of everything, you’ll still find some Japanese shops with a long history – the “shinise”.

I participated in a free, English guided tour through Azabu-juban to explore the area.

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Find the perfect gift! Cute modern Japanese designs from SOU SOU in Minami Aoyama

sou sou

Are you on looking for the perfect souvenir from Japan but want something different, something you won’t find in your average tourist souvenir shop? You should really try out SOU SOU.
The store is famous for its colorful and happy fabrics, as well as their fashion and accessories. Nearby the “Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum” (read the article from my visit at the museum here!), the story is loved by Japanese, tourists, men and women of all ages. And believe me its’ the perfect spot to get some gifts.

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