A “matchmaking” shrine surrounded by office buildings: Toranomon Kotohiragu Shrine

The history of Toranomon Kotohiragu Shrine dates back to 1679. What makes this shrine especially interesting is the fact that while the city has been growing, it fully integrated the shrine into the modern cityscape and the shrine became one with the surrounding office buildings. The buildings arching over parts of the shrine, like a roof, also protects it from the rain. Kotohiragu Shrine is a special place where you can still find traces of various Japanese religious traditions.

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Exploring Shinagawa ー Part 1! An innovative aquarium and BBQ street

Shinagawa is a transit hub in Tokyo. It offers easy access to Haneda Airport and many Shinkansen departures, which every day takes thousands of people to every part of Japan. It is also a buzzing office district where many business people come and go. However, there is much more to see and explore in this area than just office buildings. Shinagawa is a center of entertainment and gourmet cuisine. In our new series, we will introduce all the must-go places in Shinagawa. This first article features an exciting high-tech aquarium and “Yakiniku Street”. Let’s go!

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Tokyo Stroll: Art & Shopping at Aoyama!

Aoyama is a must-visit neighborhood in Tokyo. It’s home to many designer brand shops with unique architecture and delicious cafe restaurants. The area also has some of the best museums and fashion stores in Tokyo, so you can walk around and spend the whole day shopping and visiting art sites.
Watch our latest video where we will bring you along a walk around Aoyama to show you some of the best spots the area has to offer. Enjoy!

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