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Good music, American cuisine and the best brownies in Japan? On to the HARD ROCK CAFE TOKYO ROPPONGI!


The “HARD ROCK CAFE” is well-known for its music, good atmosphere, authentic American cuisine, and original T-shirts. Japan’s oldest HARD ROCK CAFE is located in Roppongi, in the center of Tokyo’s nightlife. Inside “HARD ROCK CAFE TOKYO ROPPONGI” you can listen to good music, chat with the friendly staff and enjoy the hearty food. The restaurant is yet a true “classic”, a nightlife legend and definitely worth a visit!

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The disco boom is back! Saturday Night Fever at “Maharaja Roppongi”

If you ask anyone in Japan, “What is the most famous disco?”, the answer will most definitely be: “Maharaja!” During the disco boom that arose in the 1980s during the period of Japan’s high economic growth, ‘Maharaja’ was one of the most popular discos. Well, legendary Maharaja is still alive – and in its best shape ever!
This is my first Japanese “disco” experience in Roppongi, Tokyo!

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Tokyo’s artistic nightlife: A Night Art Stroll at “Roppongi Art Night 2019”

“Roppongi Art Night” is an art event that takes place once a year. During this event, the whole Roppongi neighborhood in Tokyo turns into an art playground for one night. In my last article, I talked about the highlights of “Roppongi Art Night” and the artists’ works I was looking forward to seeing there. However, since the event is over now, let me show you some pictures and impressions of the event to prepare you for next year’s event!

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Local beer born in the most eco-friendly town in Japan! – “KAMIKATZ TAPROOM”


If you wonder where to go for a night out in Tokyo, the Higashi Azabu area, just off Tokyo Tower, with it’s many delightful dining options might be worth checking out! One place I highly recommend  to stop by if you want to try Japan’s unique local beer is “RISE & WIN Brewing Co. KAMIKATZ TAPROOM”! Not only their fascinating selection of beer, their tender chicken and tasty vegetables from Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku is something which makes it worth a visit!

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