People from all over the world come to the “Shirogane Ceramic Art School” because you can take trial lessons in English here. Your teacher will show and explain everything, so you don’t have to worry if you are a beginner!
In our video we made Japanese tableware: rice bowls (chawan) and Japanese teacups (yunomi). It takes about 1 month to finish the pottery. But since they will ship your works to your home country it’s no problem if you don’t have the time to pick them up.
Why don’t you try to do Japanese pottery while in Japan?

Shirogane Ceramic Art School
Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shirokane 5-13-4
HP: http://www.sirokanetougei.com/en/home.html


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The perfect souvenir from Japan


When traveling to another country, there are so many places to see and so many great things to buy that you might even feel a little overwhelmed. The past few years I realized that the greatest memories of a trip are those experiences when you really interacted with local people and the best souvenirs are those that you are personally attached to. So…why don’t you create your own souvenir yourself?

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How to enjoy the leisure island Odaiba!

The leisure island “Odaiba” located in the middle of Tokyo Bay is gaining more and more popularity.

It’s a place where you can go with your family, your friends, your partner etc. and have fun the whole day.
There are lots of shopping malls, restaurants and other leisure facilities for you to explore.

You can go to Odaiba by the “Yurikamome”-train, by water-bus, … or even WALK! Getting to Odaiba is actually also fun! Why don’t you hang out at Odaiba, feel the ocean breeze and relax?

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A crazy Tokyo way to get more likes on your social media accounts!

Trick Art Ghost

In Tokyo Bay, on the artificial island Odaiba there are a number of funky leisure and entertainment facilities to discover. One very unique place is the „Trick Art Museum“. “Trick Art” doesn’t really ring a bell? It’s the place where to take the funkiest picture for your Facebook, Instagram or snapchat account. Why? Well, let me get a little bit more into detail!

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Dancing with the Stars at a Wax Museum in Tokyo!


The last time I visited the world’s most famous wax museum Madame Tussauds in London, is quite a while ago. I was 10 years old and all I do remember is the high quality of the wax figures that seemed to be alive. Actually, I found them quite spooky at the time. 20 years later and 6000 miles further East, I had the chance to visit Madame Tussauds on Tokyo’s leisure island, Odaiba. Let’s see how that worked out!

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Curry! Curry! Curry! – Where to eat the locals’ soul food

Curry rice

If you want to try out different kinds of food, Tokyo is the place to be. You’ll not only find excellent Japanese cuisine, but also countless kinds of local specialties as well as food from all over the world. The Japanese people just looooooooove to eat: There are magazines, TV shows and even manga – all about food. And of course you can have endless conversations on that one important topic: food.

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