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Cherry blossom Season in Japan: Where to find the best hanami spots

Cherry blossom season in Japan is very popular not only among Japanese but also among tourists. You have only about 10 days to enjoy the beautiful sight since this is the time it takes the pale pink cherry blossoms to bloom and fall like snow down on the ground.  So if you are traveling to Japan during the cherry blossom season, you want to use the limited time wisely. There are many spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms (sakura) from morning till evening. These are our favorite spots!

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“Minato City World Festival” – where embassies of the world come together

Stamp rally

Once a year in Tokyo’s Minato Ward (Minato City) where many embassies gather, an event called “Minato City World Festival” is held. One thing that makes this event special is that you can enter some of the embassies. Usually, most embassies aren’t open to the public. That changes and you get the chance to take a glimpse of different countries and cultures!

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