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From art to science ー Best museums in Tokyo’s Minato Ward you have to visit!

Have you ever heard the Japanese expression “autumn of art”? We think that it’s time to invent a “spring of art”! In spring, when the weather can change fast, museums are the perfect place to go. In this article, we introduce some of Minato Ward’s best museums focusing on different topics from art to science and their current and upcoming exhibitions!

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Hanami: Safe cherry blossom viewing in 2021. Where and how?

Just like every year, the beautiful cherry blossom season is coming again. But sadly, this year isn’t like every year. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, having a hanami, cherry blossom viewing picnic, eating and drinking together with friends isn’t really possible. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce a different style of hanami, so you can still enjoy the arrival of spring like every year!

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Discovering Tokyo’s Little Italy: Buying takeout in Shiodome

Did you know that Tokyo has an Italian Town? Unlike the Korea town of Shin-Okubo and Yokohama’s Chinatown, Tokyo’s Little Italy near Shiodome Station isn’t a neighborhood where many Italians live. So what kind of place is it? And what is the secret behind the popularity of Italian Town? Let’s go on a trip to Tokyo’s Little Italy together, and buy some delicious takeaway gourmet food!

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