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A garden museum on rainy days? – A visit to Teien Art Museum, an Art Deco villa surrounded by a beautiful garden

Teien Museum

When you hear the name “Garden Museum” (“Teien Bijutsukan”), you probably assume that the garden is the main attraction. Perhaps that’s why the word for “garden” in the name of the museum isn’t translated into English: “Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum”. Don’t get me wrong now< the garden of the museum is beautiful, but if you visit the Teien Art Museum, be sure to visit the Art Deco-style building!

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Have a cool beer at a beer terrace of a historic Japanese style building! ~ Meiji Kinenkan

Beer Terrace

There is no one in Tokyo who doesn’t know the Meiji Kinenkan (Meiji Memorial Hall). Today, it is known for being a venue for parties and weddings, but this building has a long history. The Meiji Kinenkan is over 100 years old and one of its highlights is the beer terrace. Surrounded by trees and the historic site, it’s a relaxing oasis in the middle of Tokyo!

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Japanese souvenirs and sakura-pink denim? Our shopping spree at “Tottori Okayama Shimbashikan”!


Oops, I did it again… After my trip to the Nara antenna shop exclusively featuring products from the Nara prefecture in the Shirokane area a little while ago, I planned my next trip. This time, I visited the antenna shop of Okayama and Tottori prefecture in Shinbashi. I wondered which famous products I would find from this area located in the western part of Honshu (Japan’s biggest island), One surprising answer is “denim”!

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