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Vegans and vegetarians welcome! A visit to an Organic restaurant in the Shirokane area

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Japanese people love to eat. Also, in everyday life and in television programs “food” is a topic everyone talks about. This curiosity regarding food may be one reason why the concept of being “vegan”, or even “vegetarian”, is unknown and sounds strange to many Japanese. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you might worry that you won’t find anything to eat when traveling around Japan … don’t worry! I have a delicious restaurant that I can recommend to you!

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Pancake boom in Tokyo – These are the cafes to check out!

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In the last few years, a pancake boom has taken over Japan. Just go to a bookstore and you will see magazines featuring the newest pancake cafes and books that cover all different types of pancakes.

Just a walk around Tokyo will show you how many cafes hopped onto the bandwagon. Fluffy pancakes, small American pancakes, thick Japanese hotcakes, crepes, and other creations await you around almost every corner. Let me introduce some of the best pancake cafes!

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Animal cafes in Tokyo: A visit to the cat cafe “Puchi Marry Roppongi”!

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We are the residents of the cat cafe “Puchi Marry” at Roppongi. The motto of our cafe is “A cat cafe where both, humans and cats, are comfortable.”
Anyway, the main room is large and we have plenty of things to play with, so come and join us!

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