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10 Things to Do at Tokyo’s Leisure Island “Odaiba”!

The artificial island “Odaiba”, fronting Tokyo Bay, is a very popular leisure resort. If you are craving for the latest VR games, shop at a shopping mall, taste some Japanese soul food, or just relax on the beach, this is the place to go. These are our Top 10 suggestions you should check out before heading to Odaiba!

Marine Lantern Festival

Restaurant ships and the Rainbow Bridge

1) Water Bus

There are various ways to get to Odaiba, but since Odaiba is an island, the most fun is probably going there by boat. The sea breeze is refreshing!

2) Odaiba Plage

Odaiba Plage is a summer event held at Odaiba Beach (Odaiba Marine Park). This free of charge event is perfect for families with children. Play, swim in the ocean and relax on the beach!

3) Tokyo Joypolis

Rainy day? Japan’s largest indoor theme park has many of the latest VR games as well as other fantastic rides and attractions! Once inside this park, you couldn’t care less about the weather outside!

So much fun!!


After a bus tour around Odaiba’s highlights, this special bus dives into Tokyo Bay! As the tour goes on around the bay, you will also underpass Rainbow Bridge!

Tokyo Bay

Cruising around Tokyo Bay

5) Madame Tussaud Tokyo

Madame Tussaud is well-known for its authentic wax figures. The Tokyo Museum has not only the “classics” but also many wax dolls featuring Japanese idols and celebrities. There are cosplay corners, too!

6) Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

Five famous “Takoyaki” shops in one place! Takoyaki is known as a specialty gourmet in Osaka, but it is popular all over Japan. This might be the best selection of different “octopus ball” tastes in Tokyo. Great as a snack in between meals!

7) Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai

Ramen is one of the soul foods of the Japanese. With famous ramen shops from all over the country gathering at this restaurant area, it’s a chance to taste a variety of different ramen noodle styles!

8) Marine Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival in July is the most romantic and beautiful event you could imagine!
(※ Please confirm in advance about the holding schedule for next year)
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Marine Lantern Festival

OK, let’s do this!

Marine Lantern Festival odaiba

9) Weber Park BBQ

Choose your favorite BBQ course and – with a little help by the “grill tenders” – prepare it on a professional grill. The panoramic view of Tokyo seen from the roof terrace is superb!

weber PARK Odaiba BBQ Rainbow Bridge

weber PARK Odaiba

10) Odaiba Fireworks (Hanabi) Cruise

Odaiba is renowned as a venue for magnificent fireworks all year. When going on a firework cruise, you will be able to see the fireworks without any obstacles! Breathtaking!
(※ Please confirm in advance about the holding schedule after next year)
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Did you find your favorite spot at Odaiba? Whatever the season or the weather might be, leisure island Odaiba is always a great place to visit. Enjoy your day at this fun resort in the middle of the city!

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