A new gourmet highlight in Tokyo’s cultural melting pot – “THE STRINGS OMOTESANDOH”

THE STRINGS Omotesando

A city where fashion and lifestyle intersect. Here, new, exciting trends that surpass our imagination arise again and again. That’s Omotesando. Last fall, a new café and restaurant complex, which also hosts weddings, opened its doors: “THE STRINGS OMOTESANDOH”. Let’s talk about the restaurants!


THE STRINGS Omotesando is directly connected to the subway station

The concept of “THE STRINGS OMOTESANDOH” is “New York Style”.
New York is known for its fusion and the clash of cultures and the birth of new ideas and trends. This is reflected in the diverse dishes of the restaurants. It’s the perfect fit for the Harajuku and Omotesando area in Tokyo.


THE STRINGS is also a wedding venue (This is where Japanese couples like to have Western-style weddings)

Hawaiian vibes on a green terrace

The “Cafe & Dining ZelkovA” is a restaurant with a quiet seating area on a terrace right next to the tree-lined Omotesando Avenue. If you fancy a cup of tea or coffee in the Omotesando area on a sunny day, this is the place to be. There are only a few restaurants and cafes in Tokyo where you can sit outside. Therefore, this cafe is a valuable oasis that you should not miss.



You can either choose drinks and desserts from the menu or order a teatime set. The Japanese call it “girls’ party” when women (of all ages) gather and eat together. The afternoon tea you get here is perfect for such a gathering.


The Hawaiian dessert set is a dream!

The creations are so cute (“kawaii”) that they will make all women’s hearts beat faster. (Of course, men with a sweet tooth can also order the set!) The theme of this summer’s limited set is “Hawaii”. Have a look! Aren’t these little hamburgers and lemon macarons incredibly cute?!




Mini spam burgers and mango sandwiches

Why are Japanese creations just so cute? Although I cannot put it in words, I do understand only too well why the Japanese take pictures of their food and upload them on Instagram. The food is just too cute to be true!


Keyaki (Zelkova) trees viewed from above

On the second floor of “THE STRINGS OMOTESANDOH” is the restaurant “BAR & GRILL DUMBO”. There is a bar near the entrance where you can enjoy a freshly mixed cocktail before dinner.

THE STRINGS Omotesando

A professional bartender mixes his own creations at the bar.

THE STRINGS Omotesando

The blue cocktail is made with the superfood spirulina

The restaurant serves American grill dishes. When the chef prepared a Caesar salad right at the table, I felt like I was a guest at a Japanese tea ceremony.


The cook prepared a Caesar Salad right at our table

DUMBOThere are a variety of sauces for the tender T-bone steak with small salad sides and a mini gratin. After several delicious courses, crunchy pizza, and juicy chicken, which were simple and elegant, the dessert surprised me: a ball of white chocolate doused with a warm peach sauce. The heat melts the chocolate and hidden under it: a pink heart made out of fruit ice cream. Wow!


Amazing dessert creations…did you see the little mouse next to the cheesecake?

The dinner was amazingly relaxing and tasty. Since the restaurant has just opened, it isn’t yet known to foreign tourists. It’s an insider tip in the Omotesando area!

A “Spanish” beer garden

“THE STRINGS OMOTESANDOH” has come up with a very special event for the summer. It’s called “Spanish Night”!

THE STRINGS Omotesando

Get your castanets ready, it’s time for a Spanish night!

“Spanish Night” is an indoor beer garden. You do not have to worry about the heat and oppressive humidity of the Japanese summer. The interior is decorated to match the theme “Spain”. Also, inspired by the country and the Spanish passion are the Spanish dishes. There is a cocktail bar where you can mix colorful cocktails with berries, herbs, fruit juices and alcohol yourself. Of course, that’s a lot of fun! Japan’s unique “kawaii” culture at its best!

THE STRINGS Omotesando

The will be a flamenco show on some dates in August, too.

Beer Garden “Spanish Night” from Friday, 6th July 2018 to Friday, 31st August,
Price: 6500 yen / 7500 yen (2 hours / 90 minutes All you can drink)


3-6-8 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
HP: http://www.strings-hotel.jp/omotesando/
Access: Omotesando Train Station (Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, Chiyoda Line)
Direct connection from the B5 exit underground passage

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