Kids playing at Minato City in Tokyo

Visit Minato City – Your Tokyo – is a blog site written by Foreigners living and working in Minoto City Tokyo.

We all remember coming to Tokyo the first time not knowing where to go or where to look first. With so many places to go, it’s hard to figure out where to go first and what to do once you get there.

We have been living here for many years and have made many Japanese friends along the way, who taught us all about the Japanese way of life.

The “Deep Tokyo” is the Tokyo you don’t read about in tourist magazines,
it is the Tokyo you have been looking for,
all happening at it’s center in Minato City,
it is
 – Your Tokyo –

Minato City is the heart of Tokyo

Located in central Tokyo, Minato City is a diverse area that offers a broad variation of activities and exciting spots to visit.

In the center of it all standing tall over the Tokyo skyline is the famous Tokyo Tower that is much loved by the locals. It has been serving as the symbol of Tokyo for decades and will remain doing so for decades to come.

Those who love high-end lifestyle and fashion should definitely visit places like Aoyama and the famous Roppongi Hills with numerous brand stores, restaurants, art galleries and events. If you prefer local shops you should make a visit to shopping streets like “Azabu-Jūban” (where you even find a hot spring), “Shirokane Shotengai” and “Gyoran Ginza” in the Shirokane-Takanawa area, or “Shiba Shoutengai” in the Shiba area. In summer, there are also some fun festivals like “Mita nouryou carnival” in the Mita area.

The city “never sleeps” at the bottom of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. For a night out Roppongi has countless clubs, bars and restaurants to keep you entertainment until the sun rises over the city.

For more casual restaurants and bars you should head to Akasaka or Shinbashi – the mekka of “salary men” – office employees.

A great place to feel the sea breeze and to take a stroll on the beach is Odaiba – a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay connected by the famous Rainbow Bridge.

This does however not imply that Minato City has lost its touch with traditional Japanese Culture.

Old temples and shrines seamlessly blend into the modern skyscraper landscape. There is a huge variety of cultural experiences waiting for you in Minato City!

Minato City can be easily accessed by monorail from Haneda Airport, JR-lines, buses and subways. There are many types of hotels and accommodations to choose from,
which makes Minato City the ideal starting location for your trip to Tokyo!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Minato City!