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The perfect date: Christmas lights and shopping in the Akasaka Sacas area!

Akasaka Sacas area

In the last edition of my column I introduced the ice skating rink in Akasaka. Akasaka has so much more to show for than just ice-skating. After the ice-skating, our legs got a little tired, my friend and I decided to explore the area. Let me introduce some of the best shops in the area!

Walking to the North area from the ice skating rink you will find a concert hall called “TBS Akasaka ACT Theater”. The venue gives musicals and ballets as well as concerts of Japanese singers and bands. Go a little further and you’ll see a lot of restaurants and shops, which are gathering at the “Naka Dori”-street in front of the “Akasaka BIZ Tower”. This area is quite fancy and – in my humble opinion – the perfect place for a date.

akasaka sacas

This cute flower shop has its own cafe

akasaka cafe

The cafe has also seats outside – which is kind of rare in Tokyo! (And pleasant for the dogs)

In the winter season, this area is decorated with beautiful Christmas lights (or, “illumination” as they are called in Japan) in the shop area. The lights in Akasaka remind me a little bit of German Christmas decorations. Lights will sparkle above your heads when you walk down the shopping street. It looks like a sky full of stars – so lovely! And at night, there is a light show, too!

Akasaka Sacas Christmas lights

Akasaka Sacas Christmas lights (“illumination”) look like a tunnel of lights

At the entrance there was a photo spot so my friend Yena and I took some photos together! (There is a holder for smartphones – just place your phone here to take the best pictures. Nice!)

Akasaka Sacas

You can take pictures that look like this!

smartphone holder

Because there is a smartphone holder, it’s easy to take a picture even when there is nobody around

If you like Japanese TV and Japanese TV dramas you should take a look at the TBS shop! Even if you aren’t into Japanese television, it’s fascinating because of all these cute character merchandise – you probably won’t find them outside of Japan and they sure will make a great gift for your friends back home.

The TBS shop

There are also “capsule toys vending machines” that are called “gacha gacha” – since you do not know what will come out of your capsule, it’s really exciting!

In the shopping street there are a lot of fashion and goods shops (many targeted at women). The shop I personally liked best is “COMPLETE WORKS Tokyo”. The shop sells bags, leather wallets, scarves etc. for businessmen. If you are looking for a present for your boyfriend, husband or male relative, you’ll definitely find something here! High-quality products from all over the world wherever you look make it very hard to decide what to buy. Of course, quality has it’s price… but then again window-shopping doesn’t cost anything^^  Also, they have some funny character merchandise in the left side of the shop.


“Made in Japan” items are also available!

Getting tired of walking, we decided to take a break in one of the many cafés! We went for the Australian-themed cafe “SALTY SUNNY BONDI CAFÉ”. What a fashionable café! What a great menu! The cute interior looks like a beach house and you feel like relaxing at the beach. (Good for those cold winter months)


If you want to relax in a cafe the “SALTY SUNNY BONDI CAFÉ” is great!

They have a big variety of food, from Acai Bowl, to Green Smoothie as well as Eggs Benedict – the latter have been quite popular in Japan recently – and then there are also pancakes and salads. So something for everyone.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict



Bondi Cafe

There is so much yummy food… I want to eat everything on the menu!

After filling our bellies with yummy food and warming up, we returned went back onto the skating rink. It was already dark outside and the light decorations made the scenery quite romantic. Akasaka Sacas in winter has beautiful decorations, the skating rink, and many great shops and restaurants. My friend Yena and I really spent a wonderful day!

…and if you have the chance to go with a guy – Akasaka Sacas could turn an ordinary day into the perfect date.

As for me, I will return to Akasaka Sacas in spring. (The cherry blossoms here are famous)! If you haven’t been to Akasaka, you should go there RIGHT NOW! ^^ It’s a fun place worth a visit!

★ Access:

Akasaka Sacas
3-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

★ Cafe:

Akasaka BIZ Tower 1F in Akasaka 5-3-1 Minato-ku, Tokyo

★ Recommended select shop:

COMPLETE WORKS Tokyo (Akasaka Shop)

Akasaka Biz ANNEX 1F 5-3-1 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo


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