Cuddle with hedgehogs and hamsters! A visit to the animal cafe ‘Roppongi HARRY’

Lately, animal cafes are becoming very trendy in Japan. Visiting one is truly a unique experience. It’s a popular spot to go for the locals as well as foreign tourists. Today, we’ll introduce the animal cafe Roppongi HARRY, which has two awesome cafes where you can play with hedgehogs and hamsters.

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Tokyo’s animal cafe Roppongi Harry

‘HARRY’ in Roppongi has a Hedgehog Cafe and Hamster Cafe (MOGU MOGU) located in the same building.
After sitting down and properly disinfecting your hands, you can feed the cafe’s hedgehogs, gently lift them with both hands, or gently pet them. These fellows with their big black eyes are just too cute to be true!

The staff explains how to hold a hedgehog

The hamsters at MOGU MOGU are very curious. In fact, they aren’t afraid of humans at all. So cute! Especially when the hamsters hide snacks in their cheek pockets.

The Hedgehog Cafe and the Hamster Cafe can both be booked online. If you make a reservation in advance on the official website, everything will go smoothly and without waiting time.
Both cafes are great places to visit and will without a doubt be a true highlight of any Tokyo trip!

Hedgehog Cafe Roppongi HARRY & Hamster Cafe MOGU MOGU

IWAHORI Building 2F-3F, 6-7-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/5AVuV7v3wvYWWemT6
Nearest station: Roppongi Station

Read our longer article about Roppongi Harry here: http://visit-minato-city.com/tokyo-hedgehog-cafe-harry-roppongi/

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