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Aoyama Art Walk (Part 1): Glasses and Coffee at ‘Sugahara Aoyama’

Today we are going on a walk around the Aoyama area in Tokyo, known for its cutting-edge fashion, modern architecture and art stores with plenty of museums, brand stores, and fashionable cafes. In this “Aoyama Art Walk” series, we will introduce art shops and cafes not to miss, while strolling around the Aoyama area. First stop is Sugahara Aoyama!

The wonderful handmade glass shop ‘Sugahara Aoyama’

Leave Omotesando Station and climb up the stairs at B2 Exit. Enter the quiet alley right behind the famous AO building. There, you will find a wonderful glass shop called “Sugahara”.

Left: Sugahara; Right: AO Building seen from the south

Sugahara is known for its elegant and beautiful glassware. All glass products in the store were made by skilled craftsmen in Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo.

Sugahara’s studio in Chiba

If you look closely at the products, you will find slight differences in patterns and shapes – so beautiful! Things crafted by hand always feel special.

So many types of glasses!

When you give someone a glass as a present, why not put it in one wooden box like this one? So beautiful! Who wouldn’t be happy to receive a present wrapped like this?

When you think about glass, you might think of wine glasses, vases and cups, but Sugahara has a lot of other glass items, too. Glass chopsticks and chopstick rests, jewelry, plates and heat-resistant coffee/teacups.

Heat-resistant glass cups

They have a variety of products that are pleasant to just look at them, but that also make great souvenirs or presents for someone important. If you are looking for souvenirs and gifts, you will surely find something here.

Welcome to the world of glass tableware!

Sugahara Aoyama has its own small café called “Sghr Café Aoyama” that serves all of the meals and drinks using Sugahara’s glassware.

Sghr Cafe Aoyama

The cafe offers everything from lunch to homemade sweets. Drinks include specialty teas and coffees, as well as beer. Usually, when you think of plates and soup bowls, you might think about pottery and maybe wood. So when you see a meal being served in various differently shaped glassware, it feels so fresh! At this cafe, you get the best ideas on how to serve dishes using glassware at home.

The tomato keema curry in the glass bowl looks as if it is floating in the air.

The food and the drinks are all extremely tasty – so it’s no wonder that you always see people sitting in this stylish café enjoying their time.

Recently the cafe started using environmentally friendly glass straws. By the way, glass straws are also sold in the shop!

How did you like the glassware shop? Next time, I will introduce another part of Aoyama at our “Aoyama Art Walk – Part 2”. Stay tuned!

Sugahara Shop Aoyama


Sghr Café Aoyama


Kita Aoyama Honda Building 1F, 3-10-18 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/1WGJMNPSNqz4dKaZA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sghr_sugahara/

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