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Jetlagged and grumpy? Start your day super refreshed with “Asa Yoga” at Tokyo Tower!

Rio Matsumoto

Imagine yourself having come to Japan the day before and after a rough night in your hotel, you wake up about 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning with no hope of falling asleep again. These are perfect conditions for spending a special morning doing yoga on the top of Tokyo Tower!

In Japan, yoga has been very popular (mostly) among women for some years know. Almost everyone I know – including me – is doing some kind of yoga. So when I first heard about the morning yoga events (“Asa Yoga”) on the top of Tokyo Tower I had to go…even tough it’s VERY early in the morning.


The entrance area of the LOVESPO TOKYO gym at TokyoTower

First, you have to make a reservation. On the day of the yoga event, you have to head to Tokyo Tower which is very easy to find and get to. The event space is located on the third floor at the “LOVESPO TOKYO” gym where you register and get a key for the locker room. After you’ve changed in some comfortable gym wear just follow the staff to the elevator that will take you to the observation deck.

looking outside

Foggy Tokyo…mysterious and kind of unreal

Best yoga location ever?!

When I arrived at the observation deck the whole floor on the East side was covered with yoga mats that were placed so close that they were actually touching each other. I put my belongings on one mat and since there was still some time left, I decided to have a look at the city from above.

Tokyo skyline

The buildings at the Tokyo waterfront are fading into the clouds…

It was a rainy day and big clouds were covering the whole city like a huge down feather blanket. Still, I could see some buildings pretty far away – like the Fuji TV station at Odaiba or the “Umi Hotaru” (which is an artificial island in the middle of Tokyo bay and also appears in the new Godzilla movie…) .

Getting ready

The atmosphere was calm and relaxed. Music was playing, some people were talking and making new friends, some people were already warming up and getting ready.
Our teacher for that day was model and actress Rio Matsumoto, who is a certificated yoga instructor. She smiled and laughed a lot. You could feel that she had been looking forward to this event.

Warming up

Warming up

Yoga was great! While doing the poses you could look outside the huge window. In Tokyo, there are small houses and narrow streets. How wonderful to leave the ground and the busy daily life to dream away…
Also, Rio had an interesting and well-arranged program with some poses she’d created herself. WOW!


Rio Matsumoto

Rio Matsumoto, our famous instructor




Doing a kind of “tower” pose on Tokyo Tower 🙂

After the yoga lesson, everyone got back to shower and change. We went to the restaurant “TOWERS DINER” and had some breakfast, which is included in the price. Berries, yogurt, and French toast – yummy!!


Breakfast is included!

I felt so refreshed and ready to start the day. The next time I travel to another city, I’ll definitely check out the local sports activities you can do there because there is nothing better than starting your day with a good stretching session … and yummy breakfast!

(There will be another two morning yoga lessons in September. Please check out their HP or just ask at the Tokyo Tower information desk!)


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