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weber PARK Odaiba

Odaiba is Tokyo’s very popular leisure island. After visiting museums and theme parks, shopping at the various malls, or chilling on the beach, you might get hungry. So, what’s the best summer food? Of course the answer is a good barbecue! Also, if you are here for the beautiful panorama view on Tokyo, the “Weber Park” BBQ at “AquaCity Odaiba” is the place to go!

weber PARK

Weber Park is a spacious BBQ rooftop restaurant. The view is amazing!

Grilling like a BBQ pro!

One of the best features of “Weber Park” is that you can show up there without a reservation and still be able to do a BBQ with your family and friends (Well, if you can, making a reservation beforehand is always a good idea). “Weber” is a famous BBQ grill manufacturer. In this restaurant, they use high-quality Weber BBQ grills. Therefore, this is the place where you’ll have the ultimate BBQ experience!

Upper right: The Weber Shop offers Weber grills and accessories; lower left and right: There is a shrine on the rooftop!

First, choose your favorite BBQ course out of three courses. Personally, I was thrilled that every course included a dessert (to be grilled on the barbecue grill!).

The most affordable plan is the 3500 yen “Standard Plan”

By the way, there is a “Bring Your Own” plan for people who want to bring in their own food. In this case, you just have to pay for renting the grill and plates.

Just follow the recipe!

OK, let’s try and grill like a pro! But how? There’s no need to worry since “Weber Park” not only has recipes written in Japanese and English for each dish, but there are also English (and other languages) speaking staff called “Grill Tender” who will assist any time and teach you the correct grilling techniques.

Chatting with a “grill tender”

The grill tender instructs you on how to grill like a pro.

When using Weber grills, the lid usually stays closed while grilling to keep the right temperature.

When my friends and I visited “Weber Park”, we got so much into grilling the different course dishes that we almost forgot to appreciate the beautiful night view right in front of us.

View on Tokyo right after sunset

Thanks to the grill tender, all of the meals turned out very well. Everybody was very satisfied with the results and of course the taste. Furthermore, the variety of the course was great – maybe the best I have ever experienced in a Japanese BBQ restaurant.

The “Standard Plan” includes cheeseburgers!

Dessert time!

“Weber Park” is the only BBQ restaurant in central Tokyo where you can actually enjoy a high-quality, professional barbecue. The panoramic night view seen from the rooftop, the conversations with the kind grill tenders and the delicious food made this BBQ an unforgettable experience!

For the ultimate hands-on barbecue experience at Odaiba this summer, “Weber Park” is the place to go!

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Weber Park, Odaiba

Homepage: https://www.weberpark.com/index_us.html
Location: AquaCity ODAIBA (rooftop terrace), 1-7-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6457-1130
Google Maps: https://g.page/weberpark?share
AquaCity ODAIBA: http://visit-minato-city.com/shopping-aquacity-odaiba/

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