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Animal cafes in Tokyo: A visit to the cat cafe “Puchi Marry Roppongi”!

We are the residents of the cat cafe “Puchi Marry” at Roppongi. The motto of our cafe is “A cat cafe where both, humans and cats, are comfortable.”
Anyway, the main room is large and we have plenty of things to play with, so come and join us!

cat cafe

At our cafe, you can watch a movie or play video games with consoles like Nintendo or PlayStation!
But hey! Don’t forget us! There are also lots of cat toys, so let’s play together!

cat cafe

Our favorite time of the day is lunchtime. Everyone gets really excited.
As for me, I always get super hungry really quick, so sometimes I try tricking the humans by turning the hands of the clock…it doesn’t seem to work, though. Anyway, please don’t disturb us while we are eating.

cat cafe

You may watch – that’s totally fine with me. In exchange, you may play or pet us after lunch. I get really sleepy after lunch and like having a massage!

cat cafe

Recently, I realized that many of the humans who come to our cafe speak other languages than Japanese. They seem to come from all over the world! That’s amazing! I only speak cat language, but if you don’t mind, please come and visit us, meow!

cat cafe


Puchi Marry Cat Café
Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo 4-10-10 2F
Business hours: 11: 00 – 22: 00 (last reception: 21: 30)
HP: http://puchimarry.com/shop/六本木店

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