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Delicious donuts and coffee: The best stores in the back streets of Azabu-Juban

DUMBO donut shop in Azabu-juban

One of the most famous shopping streets in Tokyo is Azabu-juban. In this shopping street with its international flair, shops with new health trends meet old-fashioned shops. The summer festival in Azabu-Juban is also very popular. No matter when you come from, there is always something new to discover.
I heard it should be hidden far behind in the shopping streets with delicious coffee and donuts. I did not hesitate and went straight to the search!

Map of Azabu-Juban Shopping Street

A look at the map of Azabu-Juban Shopping Street shows: there is A LOT to discover here

From the subway station “Azabu-juban” go first into the shopping street. The Azabu-juban shopping street is not a single street, but consists of a series of streets that run parallel to each other – like the rings of a tree cake – from west to east. There are numerous restaurants and shops in the streets. Normally I can not resist the many temptations and go to one of the many cafes. This time, I tore myself together and went farther south to the back of Azabu-Juban.


When you reach this area, you are finally in “Deep Azabu-Juban”

If you reach a place with tall trees, you are soon there. From here begins “Deep Azabu-Juban” (the name I have devised myself). Near the Amishiro Park with a large children’s playground you will find the coffee shop “Ayabu Kobo” where you can buy freshly roasted coffee. It is my favorite roastery in Tokyo. The coffee beans here are extraordinary!

These are the two house blends.

These are the two house blends.

If you are not sure which coffee beans you should try, I would go for the “Azabu blend” or the “Junan blend”. The shop owner Mr. Tanaka told me that he starts roasting the beans right after receiving an order. By doing this, you’ll always get freshly roasted, nice smelling beans. It takes about 30 minutes to roast beans..

Inside the roastery "Azabu Kobo"

Inside the roastery “Azabu Kobo”. This is where the magic happens!

But, even people who do not have time to wait 30 minutes can buy something. The shop sells small packages of drip coffee (with an included filter). All you need is a cup and hot water. (This type of coffee is also great as a souvenir or gift for a friend!)

Testing different types of kaleidoscopes.

Testing different types of kaleidoscopes.

Right next to the coffee shop there is a shop that only sells kaleidoscopes. When I visited, I was the only customer. The owner and I started chatting. He told me that kaleidoscopes were invented by the Scotts in 1816. Kaleidoscopes gained great popularity in Europe, but – according to the shop owner – kaleidoscopes became really interesting after they found their war to the United States. People there started to create new shapes and types of kaleidoscopes, which are now the most fun ones in the world.

I never thought that there were so many types of kaleidoscopes...

I never thought that there were so many different types of kaleidoscopes…

I was amazed by all the different types of kaleidoscopes in the shop. There are over 100 kinds of kaleidoscopes in the shop, so if you are interested in finding the perfect kaleidoscope, this is the place to go!


Two blocks away from the coffee shop, there is a bakery called “Pointage”. When there is a magazine or a book introducing “the best bakeries in Tokyo”, this bakery  will surely appear. It is not only a great shop with delicious bread, but also a very convenient place to eat lunch. There is an eat-in area where you can rest.

Amishiro Park

Amishiro Park

“DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee” is a donut shop just one block away from “Pointage”. It is a very small shop, but is has some chairs to sit and eat. However, the seats by the windows are always taken. Actually, that’s what made me curious when I walked by the shop. “This place has to be delicious!”, I thought.

This time, I finally went inside and had a look. The menu is simple. It’s basically just donuts and coffee.

"DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee"

“DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee” is a hipster-style donut shop in Azabu-Juban

The donuts were quite big. They had about 10 flavors – each with a different topping. I had a donut with delicious looking yellow passion fruit sauce.

Check out these donuts!

Check out these donuts!

It had a bite and…WOW! It was super tasty! The donut was not too sweet (even tough it looked VERY sweet). Just the right balance between the donut’s sweetness and the sourness of the passion fruit sauce. And the coffee was delicious, too!
A coffee and a donut are around 400 yen each, which is – in my opinion – worth more than the price. Since “DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee” is always busy with (mostly young female customers), you might have to   eat your donut somewhere else. Since the Amishiro Park is right around the corner, this is be the place I would recommend you to sit down on a bench and enjoy your donut and coffee.


Actually, the donuts aren’t as sweet as they seem to be (which is great!)

“Deep Azabu-Juban” has a lot to offer. I will definitely revisit! There are so many “gems” to discover and so much tasty food to eat! How about coming to “Deep Azabu-Juban” to discover your new favorite “hidden shop”?

exploring the backstreets of Azabu-Juban

Exploring the backstreets of Azabu-Juban

Azabu Kobo
Placebo Azab 1F, 2 -13-7 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Kaleidoscope Mukashi-Kan
2-13-8 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

3-3-10 3 – chome, Azabu Juban Minato-ku, Tokyo
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DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee
2-17-6 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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