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How To Enjoy Yakitori

Today, we show you a typical Shimbashi restaurant – specializes in Yakitori, a popular after-work dish. We’ll show you some s that could be useful for you first Yakitori experience. Join in on the fun!

Yakitori questionnaire: 

① How do you like the Shimbashi area?
② What do you like about “Izakaya“ (= pub/tavern)?
③ What did you think about the Yakitori restaurant we visited this time?
④ Do you have something similar to Yakitori in your country? Are there places similar to “Izakaya“? How are they different to Japanese ones?
⑤ What are your favorite 3 Yakitori? Do you prefer „shio“ or „tare“?


Hana Flagge① When office workers are being interviewed on TV, 9 out of 10 times these interviews are at Shimbashi. Shimbashi is a very familiar place from TV, so it was quite fun to actually go there.

② I have the impression that in China women don’t drink as much alcoholic drinks as women in Japan. I really like the fact that it is completely normal for a woman to order alcoholic drinks in Japan. Since the portions of side menus are small you can order a lot and try many different dishes. I love that!

③ The Yakitori restaurant was really nice. I like the atmosphere at Izakaya. Even if you are on your own! These restaurants are so small that even on your own you will be surrounded by other guests and won’t feel alone. Moreover, I like the lightning and the decorations in Izakaya.

④ In China we also have dishes where we use skewers, but the skewers are much longer than in Japan. We usually use lamb meat, not chicken. When we eat those lamb skewers, we don’t eat them “just with salt” or “just with one kind of sauce”. We will season the meat with salt, chili, and typical Chinese seasonings. Chinese lamb skewers are also very delicious! I’m getting hungry as I write this!

⑤ My 3 favorite Yakitori are: 1) Tebasaki (chicken wings), 2) Kawa (crispy chicken skin), 3) Grilled Veggies. I like my skewers with sauce!

Marei Flagge

① When I went to Shimbashi for the first time, I was really surprised by the many office workers there. It’s really as they say: “an office worker’s mecca”. You won’t see as many office workers at the same time anywhere else. I recommend you to visit the Shimbashi area in the evening.

② “Izakaya” are not a gentlemen’s club, you can just walk in. It’s easy to become friends or chat with the other customers – which is great when you are travelling and want to talk with locals. And on top of that you get to eat Japanese house cuisine while drinking beer.

③ Me and my friends chose to sit down at the counter. I liked how you could see the chicken skewers being grilled right in front of your eyes. Not to mention the smell!

④ In Germany we have restaurants that are specialized in grilled chicken, but using skewers is not very common – maybe besides BBQ parties. So for me, Yakitori is something very special.

Of course, in restaurants back home in Germany we also drink beer and there are local specialties. But you won’t see a lot of men (and women) wearing suits in these places. Eating with all these office workers around you is a very unique experience in Shimbashi.

⑤ My 3 favorite Yakitori are: 1) Tsukune (chicken meatballs), 2) Sasami wasabi (chicken breast with wasabi), 3) Tebasaki (chicken wings). I like salty skewers!

Yena Flagge① Shimbashi is said to be the office workers’ mecca. And yes, when I went to Shinbashi, I really did see a lot of office workers. You’ll see the biggest crowd in front of the old steam locomotive on the plaza, right at Shimbashi station’s west exit. What a sight!

② Izakaya always serve just about the right amount of food! Chatting with the staff is also great fun!

③ We had a counter seat. I could see the skewers being grilled right in front of me and the three of us joked with the cook. That was great fun! I also enjoyed the time spent with the other Minato-bloggers.

④ In Korea we also have chicken skewers like in Japan, of course there are also restaurants specializing in chicken skewers, but the atmosphere is completely different. Korean Izakaya are more like roadside stands or restaurants – their interior design is quite simple.

⑤ My 3 favorite Yakitori are: 1) Tsukune (chicken meatballs), 2) Negima (chicken and spring onion), 3) Momo (chicken thigh). I like Yakitori with salt.

Hinomaru Shokudo Shinbashi Sohonten (ヒノマル食堂 新橋総本店)
4-18-4, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo



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Hi there, what the nane and address of the restaurant? Thank you.



Hi there! 🙂
The restaurant is called “Hinomaru Shokudo Shinbashi Sohonten” (ヒノマル食堂 新橋総本店).
The address is: Shinbashi 4-18-4, Minato-ku, Tokyo

It’s a great place!!


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