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It’s pancake weather! Fluffy pancakes on the terrace of ‘512 Cafe & Grill’ (Akasaka/Roppongi)

Cafes with terrace seats surrounded by greenery where you can enjoy a round of sunbathing are very rare in Tokyo. Therefore, let us introduce “512 Cafe & Grill”, a hidden cafe in the center of Tokyo that is loved by the locals! The fluffy premium pancakes there will get you hooked to come back for more!

512 Cafe & Grill

A great place for a stroll with a cafe stop

512 Cafe & Grill in Akasaka/Roppongi is in a very good location. Just behind “21_21 DESIGN SIGHT” (which is located in the garden area of Tokyo Midtown), the cafe is within walking distance from the Roppongi intersection, Suntory Museum of Art, and the National Art Center, Tokyo. There is no big street nearby, and the cafe surrounded by greenery is very quiet and calm. Time to relax!

The scenic “521 Cafe & Grill” is often used for drama shootings.

Popular pancakes with a “fluff”

512 Cafe & Grill is famous for its fluffy pancakes. Their pancakes have a light texture – just like a cloud. Stacked in three layers the pancakes were shaking on the plate.

Brulee pancakes

You might think that you can’t possibly eat this mountain of pancakes by yourself. But no. In a matter of seconds, the pancakes melt away in your mouth leaving you wanting more and more until everything on your plate has vanished. So good!

Everyone’s favorite: Matcha pancakes that are made with high-quality Matcha.

The cafe also offers a limited-time menu. With all of their creations being very pleasing to the eye, they make for an instagrammable moment. According to the staff, they use different eggs depending on the type of the pancakes they are making and that each pancake is made from scratch after you order it. That’s why they take a little while – but it’s so worth it! I guess that’s why they are exceptionally delicious.

Don’t forget to check out the limited-time menu!

Black honey and sweet kinako soybean powder on a “Japanese” pancake. This dish is available for a limited time only.

More than pancakes

“512 Cafe & Grill” also has a delightful lunch and dinner menu. Gluten-free pasta, crispy salads, and luxurious roast beef. What do you need else? Good for you and your body – and a little extravagant.

The homemade bread is extremely delicious. Don’t forget to order it as a side dish!

512 Cafe & Grill is a healing space that adds some color to a fun day in Tokyo. A must-visit café that you want to hit after visiting one of the art museums of the “Art Triangle” and shopping at Roppongi!

A beautiful day outside

512 Cafe & Grill

Parkside Six 1F, 9-5-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/F6a91eFct35W6Ph58
Nearest station: Nogizaka Station, Roppongi Station

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