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360-degrees of wonder! “FUERZA BRUTA WA!” in Tokyo


With shows in 30 countries and more than 5 million viewers, the show “FUERZA BRUTA” is already a phenomenon worldwide. Have you heard of or even seen this show with its spectacular effects, dances, lights, water, and confetti? For Japan, the well-known show was completely re-arranged to be “Japanese” style! Here in Japan, the show is called “FUERZA BRUTA – Panasonic presents WA! – Wonder Japan Experience”. And you can’t miss it!


The entrance looks cool. OK…what’s going to happen?!

“FUERZA BRUTA WA!” is performed at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel near the JR Shinagawa Station in the “Stellar Ball” theater. A big screen at the entrance to the venue explains the rules: “Sandals and heeled shoes are not suitable. Please stow your luggage in the lockers!” What in the world is awaiting us?!

The suspenseful performance begins in the dark!

The staff led all the spectators into an area with four “rooms” separated by curtains. You can choose the room freely. In the rooms, it was almost pitch black and frankly quite scary. Club music was playing and images of famous samurai castles and Shogun marks were being projected on the curtains. It was really spooky.


Please, don’t come near us!!

Suddenly two men stormed into the room. They were dressed in black and had their faces covered with black shawls. They strode searching through the crowd. Everyone backed away. The two men were looking for something. Then, they found what they were looking for, grabbed it and …


The 70-minute show started with a loud, bursting sound! The curtains started to rock hard and the rooms, which had given us some security, faded away. It was pure chaos! We followed the music and fought our way through the fog into the light. Some staff waved us to come in their direction.


Fog, confusion, chaos! The fun part of this show is that there is no wrong or right.

A great feature of “FUERZA BRUTA WA!” is that the viewers always keep moving. There are seats on the second floor of the hall, but if you’re healthy and able to stand for 70 minutes, I would definitely recommend watching the show on the 1st floor. The experience will be more intense and the show is just a lot more fun!


A samurai warrior is walking through the theatre

A show that you can “feel” with all your senses

At the show, there is always music playing, but it’s neither a musical nor a concert. Sometimes the audience dances together with the performers, sometimes you’ll be surprised by exciting effects, or you will be a little scared because of the eerie atmosphere.


A bunch of…something…dangling and flying above our heads.

You will see the spirit (?) of a Samurai running for his life right in the middle of the theatre. Suddenly, a wall appears out of nowhere. The samurai breaks through and keeps running. Then, a transparent pool appears from the ceiling of the theater. From below you can see how women with geisha make-up swim in the pool. You look at them…and they’ll look back at you.


Bladerunner vibes

When one performance is over, another performance begins immediately at another location in the theater. It’s an exciting 360-degree show full of surprises! Before I knew it, I was in the middle of the action, screaming, applauding and dancing. How It’s entirely up to you how you want to enjoy the show. There are no rules!


Korean writer Yena is dancing together with the performers on stage…

No rules!

I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I won’t write more about the performances. But let me tell you: the projections, music and the Neo-Japonesque costumes are an eye-catcher! It’s a beautiful, atmospheric show that can only be seen here in Japan. Even if you have already seen “FUERZA BRUTA” outside of Japan, I believe that you will enjoy the Tokyo show 100%.


The show has some creepy moments.


By the way, you are allowed to take pictures and make movies! There are a lot of Instagram-moments, that’s for sure. However, the atmosphere and the mood of the show can’t be captured in photos. You have to see the show with your own eyes!


The three of us taking pictures with the amazing performers of “FUERZA BRUTA WA!”

“FUERZA BRUTA” will be going on in the current version until December 10, 2017. From the 14th of December, the show will be extended and redesigned. They say it’s going to be twice as exciting. Wow! This show is a MUST-SEE!


The aftermath…

Event Information:
FUERZA BRUTA – Panasonic presents WA! – Wonder Japan Experience
HP: http://www.fbw.jp/en/
Location: Shinagawa Prince Hotel “Stellar Ball”
4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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