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Tokyo Architecture Walk: Future City ‘TOKYO PORTCITY TAKESHIBA’

On September 14, 2020, ‘TOKYO PORTCITY TAKESHIBA’ opened its doors in the Takeshiba area, which is undergoing a large-scale redevelopment. The new smart building combines offices, nature, and state-of-the-art technology. Let’s see what this smart building has to offer!


Do you know the Takeshiba area in Tokyo? Takeshiba is the area between JR Hamamatsucho station (including the Hamamatsucho monorail station) and Tokyo Bay. Crammed in this narrow space, you find spots such as the Former Shiba Rikyu Gardens, the Shiki Theater Company’s musical theater, and a ferry terminal that connects to the remote islands of Tokyo with ferries. Now Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba, located right in the middle of the area, is with its height of 208 meters the new landmark of Takeshiba.

Model of the Takeshiba area. The building in the center is Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba

Soon, you will be able to walk from JR Hamamatsu Station across the covered pedestrian deck directly to Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba without having to wait for traffic lights, etc.

The pedestrian deck is under construction. In the future, it will be a great shortcut connecting JR Hamamatsucho Station and Takeshiba Station of the Yurikamome Line.

A futuristic smart building

At Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba, futuristic high-tech devices such as cleaning robots patrolling the building and drones delivering your lunch are attracting a lot of attention. Furthermore, there are about 1,000 sensors installed throughout the building constantly analyzing the data to adjust the air conditioning according to the number of people inside. Office workers and residents can enter the office zone without having to touch anything or even carry an IDーall thanks to face recognition. The face recognition even allows them to shop without checking out at the cash register. That’s futuristic!

You can see the congestion status of commercial facilities and restaurants in real-time as well as transportation and weather information. This is a particularly convenient service during the pandemic. No touching, no crowds.

In addition to membership-based shared offices and multipurpose rental studios, the new headquarters of a telecommunications carrier company is located on the upper floors of the building. On the lower floors, commercial facilities such as restaurants and the comfortable outdoor terrace ‘Skip Terrace’ are open to the public.


There are several restaurants and cafes in the building. The casual dining area ‘Minato Yokocho’ features a bunch of small restaurants offering dumplings, ramen, Okinawan food, and seafood!

The Minato Yokocho area

In addition to Minato Yokocho, the other restaurants spread throughout the building specializes in healthy vegetable meals, German cuisine, and spicy curry.

Keema Curry plate at a curry restaurant. Takeaways are available, too.

Exploring the green ‘Skip Terrace’

Another feature of Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba is the outdoor terrace area called Skip Terrace. The Skip Terrace is divided into eight areas, each with its own theme: rain, water, island, rice paddy, aroma, vegetable garden, bees, and sky.

All eight terraces are connected by stairs so you can stroll around. The names of the areas express what you will find there. For example, if you go to the “rice paddy” area, you will find an actual rice paddy!

A real rice paddy in the paddy field area.

The smart office building Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba proposes a new work style by fusing cutting-edge technology and nature. Walking around the building was a series of surprises. In particular, I enjoyed the Skip Terrace, which allows you to hike outdoors up and down. A unique idea that might motivate a lot of office workers to go for a walk during their lunch break. Since the lower part of the building is open to the public, why don’t you make a visit and experience this futuristic building for yourself?

Relaxing on one of the terraces.


1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/nWZzeuAxECvx9GSK7
Nearest Stations: Takeshiba Station, Hamamatsucho Station, Daimon Station, Takeshiba Pier


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