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In Tokyo, burgers have really seen a boom in popularity In the last three years. One place you can notice this in particular is Omotesando, where Harajuku and the Aoyama area meet. Here you can find new restaurants specializing in gourmet burgers spread throughout the area, and a couple of burger chains have even opened their flagship stores here. This time, we will introduce two of our favorite burger restaurants that offer hamburgers for takeaway!

Making the most out of umami flavors: UMAMI BURGER 

In a back alley, 5 minutes away from the B2 exit of Omotesando station, you’ll find a church-style wedding venue, and right next to it: UMAMI BURGER.

Umami is one of the five basic tastes and the word is of Japanese origin. Even though the name has a link to Japan, the restaurant itself is actually from Los Angeles. UMAMI BURGER opened its first restaurant in Japan in 2017.

The menu offers gourmet burgers with ingredients full of umami, such as truffles and garlic oil. For some burgers, you can even choose how you’d like your meat. There are a lot of sides to choose from and also some salads ー including vegetarian options.

The UMAMINOKO with mushroom and gorgonzola.

For the vegetarians, the FALAFEL BURGER.

The TERIYAKI SAMURAI with egg, shichimi (Japanese spice mix), wasabi oil, and bacon.

In this restaurant, there are no set meals, meaning that you have to order drinks and sides separately. Since the portions of the side dishes are quite large, you should bring a friend to share the food.

Their fries comes in many flavors and is definitely worth ordering together with your burger!

You can really taste the professional approach to the ingredients of the burgers. Each ingredient is prepared to extract the maximum umami flavor and is executed in perfect balance of the various flavors.

All the delicious items on UMAMI BURGER’s menu are available for takeaway!

UMAMI BURGER Aoyama store (Umami Burger Aoyama store)

3-15-5 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/F6LzqoeS7zqy8VPo7
Nearest station: Omotesando Station
* If you have a large number of orders, we recommend making your order the day before.
* Delivery orders using Uber Eats available

Japanese-style ingredients and green smoothies: the 3rd Burger

The 3rd Burger features affordable burgers made with Japanese-style ingredients such as wasabi, pumpkin, and Japanese mustard spinach.

When ordering food at the 3rd Burger you should get a set. For an additional 600 yen you get French fries and a smoothie together with your burger. For a proper smoothie, that’s a very good price! Also, if you choose their green smoothie, you might feel a little less guilty about eating at a fast-food restaurant in the first place. 


T.L.C. BURGER (Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese)

The side dish options other than fries are very limited, but, their spicy Wasabi Tartar chips are great! For dessert they also have “dessert burgers” with toppings such as adzuki bean paste, custard, chestnut. Sounds interesting?

the 3rd Burger Aoyama Kottodori

5-11-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/pqFbsPdZMhewELsA6
Nearest station: Omotesando Station
* Delivery orders using Uber Eats available

Both of these restaurants offers fantastic burgers and an unforgettable meal. The gourmet “UMAMI BURGER” and the casual “3rd Burger” both use Japanese-style ingredients to create a burger with an exquisite balance of flavors. Whichever you choose you can’t go wrong! So, how about enjoying some gourmet burgers at home?

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