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HOW TO HANAMI – What you should know about cherry blossom viewing

Spring has come and the cherry blossom season is finally here!
Viewing cherry blossoms is called ‘hanami’ in Japanese. Here is everything you need to know if you are planning to go out and enjoy the blooming cherry trees!

Cherry trees are delicate

Cherry blossoms in spring

Cherry blossoms in spring

Touching (and holding) a branch to take a picture, shaking a branch to cause a flower petal storm, or breaking a twig off can actually make the whole cherry tree sick. So do as the Japanese “hanami” word says: “view” cherry blossoms.

Have a picnic!

If you want to enjoy Japanese hanami to its fullest, you have to go out and have a hanami picnic!
You don’t need a lot. Get a picnic sheet or a blanket, buy some food and drinks ー that’s all! Cherry blossom viewing venues can be very crowded, so only take the space you really need.

Shiba 1
Sometimes when walking around the picnic area at a park, other picnic guests might treat you to a drink. But be careful to stay within your limits, especially Japanese sake is surprisingly strong.
After the picnic, please separate your garbage and throw it in the trash can at the venue, or take it home if there are no trash cans available.

Kyu-Shiba-Rikyu Garden

Hanami at the Kyu-Shiba-Rikyu Garden

Bring something warm to wear

Kyu Shiba 1
During the hanami, cherry blossom viewing, season, it can suddenly get chilly in the evening. At night, cherry trees get illuminated by streetlights or even professionally lit up using LEDs. This is called ‘yozakura’. Be sure not to miss this wonderful sight. So better take a warm jacket or outerwear with you!

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