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Enjoy Japanese culture: this is how to visit a Japanese shrine! – Atago Jinja

All around Japan, you will find Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. But haven’t you wondered what Japanese people exactly do there? In our video, we will guide you through your shrine or temple visit step-by-step. So if you are curious about this part of Japanese tradition, this is the video for you! Knowing how to behave and what to do at a shrine will deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and make your trip to Japan even more enjoyable!

The stairs of success at Atago Jinja Shrine

Atago Jinja Shrine is a very unique shrine located right in between Tokyo Tower and Toranomon Hills. It is said that if you climb up the steep, long stone-stairs leading to the shrine, you will be successful at your job. That is why you will see many business people visit the shrine.

The cherry blossoms in spring, and colorful leaves in fall, are really beautiful here. It’s a charming shrine where you can enjoy all four seasons. So don’t miss to visit Atago Jinja during your stay in Japan!

Atago Jinja during fall

Learn more about Japanese manners and traditions in this booklet!

Atago Jinja Shrine

1-5-3 Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/4q7VnLv956YeW7dF9
Nearest Stations: Kamiyacho Station, Toranomon Station, Onarimon Station

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