Local beer born in the most eco-friendly town in Japan! – “KAMIKATZ TAPROOM”


If you wonder where to go for a night out in Tokyo, the Higashi Azabu area, just off Tokyo Tower, with it’s many delightful dining options might be worth checking out! One place I highly recommend  to stop by if you want to try Japan’s unique local beer is “RISE & WIN Brewing Co. KAMIKATZ TAPROOM”! Not only their fascinating selection of beer, their tender chicken and tasty vegetables from Tokushima Prefecture in Shikoku is something which makes it worth a visit!


KAMIKATZ TAPROOM is on the left side of the building

“RISE & WIN Brewing Co. KAMIKATZ TAPROOM” is located on the first floor of a shared office building. It is a very warm and cozy restaurant, and on sunny days, some people are sitting on the bench in front of the restaurant where they enjoy an after-work beer.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is only a stone’s throw from the pub

beer taps

This looks promising!

“Reduce” “Recycle” “Reuse”

If you look closely at the interior, you will find a wall made out of old windows, reusable cloth coasters, and empty jar chandeliers, just to mention a few things. There are a lot of items that have been reused and up-cycled. Actually, that’s no surprise if you’d know the story behind the restaurant!

This wall is made out of old windows

This wall separating the kitchen and the restaurant is made out of old windows

“RISE & WIN Brewing Co. KAMIKATZ” is a company that has its main store and brewery in Kamikatsu, which is in the middle of the mountains in Tokushima Prefecture, Shikoku. Kamikatsu is a small rural town that became famous in and outside of Japan for its “zero waste” declaration. In Kamikatsu, locals separate their waste into 45 different types, in order to recycle 100% of it.


This is the brewery at “zero waste town” Kamikatsu

To sum it up, the appeal of “KAMIKATZ TAPROOM” is broth through their tasty beer, delicious meals with ingredients from Tokushima, and also for taking part in doing something good for the environment.

Local beer from around Japan at KAMIKATZ TAPROOM

Indigo beer

Indigo beer (Beers available might change)

Have you ever tried “Aizome Indigo Beer”? Or how about Yuka, a beer using the peels of a local citrus fruit from Tokushima? In this restaurant, you get the chance of trying these, and a many other unusual types of beer.
Besides the beer, you have to try the chicken! “Awa Chicken” is a famous brand chicken which is incredibly juicy!

Jucy Awa chicken

Juicy Awa Chicken

Staff preparing some noodles for a pasta dish

For dessert, you should try the “bancha ice cream” which is made with local tea from Kamikatsu.

Banca ice cream

Bancha ice cream

So, if you want to try dishes you can’t find anywhere else in Tokyo, all while drinking Japanese local beer, why not stop by at “RISE & WIN Brewing Co. KAMIKATZ” on your way home from Tokyo Tower?


Choosing a huge shiitake mushroom to be cooked

Store Information:

THE WORKERS & CO 1F, 1-4-2 Higashi Azabu, Minato-ku

Nearest stations: Akabanebashi Station, Azabujuban Station, Kamiyacho Station
Recommended spots nearby: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo One Piece Tower, Higashi Azabu Shopping Street

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