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Here is where you get the latest and useful information about sightseeing in Tokyo! “Minato City Tourist Information Center”

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Thank you for visiting our site “VISIT MINATO CITY”!
This week, our three writers of “VISIT MINATO CITY” have been declared as “Minato City Tourism Ambassadors”!

Before we get started: Kitsuko participated as a representative at the ceremony on February 20.

Tourist Ambassador

Kitsuko (second from right) is one of the new Tourism Ambassadors

Overall, there are a total of 69 (!) “Minato City Tourism Ambassadors”, selected from all kinds of professions, including celebrities affiliated with Minato City and people who work or live in the area.

69 Tourist Ambassadors!

69 Tourist Ambassadors!

Now being ambassadors of this beautiful ward, our writes are even keener to research interesting spots to show you the best of Minato City!


This time, we would also like to take the opportunity to introduce the “Minato City Tourism Information Center”.

beautiful jacket

The beautiful jacket is called a “happi”

The “Minato City Tourist Information Center” is located just outside the Hamamatsucho station ticket gates of Tokyo Monorail. Tokyo Monorail connects central Tokyo and Haneda Airport, with Hamamatsucho station being its final stop. The Information Center offers free Tokyo maps and sightseeing brochures in many languages. If you want to get the latest information for your Tokyo trip, this is the place to go!

Area maps and event schedules

Area maps and event schedules

The staff is very helpful and will help you with finding Tokyo sightseeing spots that meet your needs. Furthermore, they have Wi-Fi free of charge in case you want to research on your own or contact your loved ones.


What kind of activity would you like to do in Tokyo?

So if you come prepared but still need some further information, feel free to stop by! The staff at “Minato City Tourist Information Center” at Hamamatsucho Station is always happy to help!

Welcome to Tokyo!


Minato City Tourist Information Center
(2-4-12, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station 3rd Floor Concourse (outside the ticket gates)
Hours: 9 am – 7 pm, open all year round

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