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“Minato City World Carnival 2018” – Meet people from all over the world in Tokyo!

World Carnival

Do you know “Minato City World Carnival”?
On the final day of “Minato City World Festival” – an event series held in Tokyo Minato Ward each spring -, there is a big festival where people from all over the world gather to eat, dance and experience each other’s culture. That’s “Minato City World Carnival”.

World Carnival

At the venue right beneath Tokyo Tower

“Minato Ward World Carnival 2018” was held from 10 am to 6 pm on March 25 at the foot of Tokyo Tower. The day of this year’s Minato Ward World Carnival was sunny and warm. It was the perfect day to go outside. No wonder, the venue was already crowded at 10 o’clock!

World Carnival

There are booths of countries from all over the world

Stands of embassies from various countries and organizations had been put up everywhere around Tokyo Tower. In addition to travel information, you could try some food, play traditional musical instruments or wear traditional costumes.


Our Chinese writer Sho Aini at the booth of the Embassy of Afghanistan

When we stopped by the booth of the Afghan embassy, which we visited during the Minato Ward World Festival’s “Minato City Stamp Rally“, the staff noticed and recognized us. It was really nice to meet them again and to see their booth at the festival venue. This kind of “reunions” are what makes this event so charming.

Embassy of Afghanistan

Our Korean writer Yena playing a Nigerian drum

At the venue, there was also a lottery. Depending on the number of stamps gathered at the embassies, ​​the number of “World Cards” you could collect at the “Minato City Shopping Street World Card Rally“, or the number of correct answers at the “Minato Ward World Quiz” people could participate in the lottery drawing. By the way, you ALWAYS win. (That’s my favorite lottery type^^)

World Carnival

At the lottery!

Getting hungry…

At noon, my friends and I got hungry and went to check the food stands.
We got Samosa, spring rolls and banana cake at the stands of Qatar and Pakistan. The food was spicy and sooo delicious! There was an event stage in the immediate vicinity of the tables, so we could watch the show while enjoying our meal.

World Carnival

So much food…I want all!

Actually, this year was the second time for me to participate in this event. Every time, I feel more connected to other countries of the world. Japan is one of many countries of the world. Countries that are close by or really far away from Japan are actually connected with Japan through trade or cultural exchange. I’m sure that your home country and Japan are connected in some way, too!

World Carnival

“Itadakimasu” – Digging in!

World Carnival

A traditional dance on the event stage

I’m already looking forward to visiting next year’s Minato City World Festival! So, if you are planning to visit Japan next spring, be sure to check out this fun event!

Event Information:

Minato City World Carnival 2018
HP: http://www.world-festival.jp/carnival/index.html
Venue: Tokyo Tower (4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

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