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Travel around the world at Tokyo Tower! Minato City World Carnival 2019

The popular event “Minato City World Carnival” is the final event of the “Minato City World Festival” event series held over a timespan of three and a half months. Well, what kind of fun is waiting for us this year? Let’s check it out!

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower with early cherry blossoms

Let’s explore Minato World Carnival!

The Minato City World Carnival is held at the foot of Tokyo Tower (the parking area). There are embassies and cultural facility booths near the main entrance, and on the other side (uphill) there are more booths by embassies, but also food trucks and stands (yum!).

Tokyo Tower

Embassy tents lined up

At the festival, you get the chance to meet people from countries all over the world, some who you wouldn’t usually meet in your ordinary daily life. Displays of traditional clothing, free food and beverage tastings are also fun to see and try. Furthermore, many stands sell cute items from different countries.

World Karneval

So much to see!


As there are people who can speak English, you can directly ask all the questions you might have about daily life as a foreigner in Japan, or recommended spots that only locals know of.

Tokyo TowerMy most “memorable encounter” was Rodrigo Coronel, the ambassador of Nicaragua. Rodrigo is an anime nerd! His name card has an illustration of himself in manga-style – cute!! He actually invited me to come around and visit his embassy. Well, I would love to do so!

World Karneval

Yena with charming ambassador Rodrigo!

Food from all over the world!

As we were really hungry, we went to the food stands where we got a couscous plate from the Togo Republic and “Borani” (fried potato with potato and leek) from the booth of the Afghan embassy.

World Carneval

Trying different food from all over the world

The couscous was a soothing, gentle taste, while “Borani” comes with two types of sauces: spicy tomato sauce and coriander sauce. Both sauces were a great match. The meal was delicious and tasted extremely fresh with a nice, spicy punch!

World Carneval

Couscous and Borani

Trying food from all over the world is another big plus of the World Carnival.
So, why don’t you come and meet the whole world at Tokyo Tower next year? I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Minato City World Carnival

Time: The last Sunday of March every year
Place: Tokyo Tower

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