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Travel around the world in Minato-ku! “Minato City World Festival” Part 2

“Minato City Shopping Street World Card Rally”

Last time, I wrote about the “embassy rally” event that takes place during the annual “Minato Ward World Festival” (until March 26th, 2017) in Minato Ward. Since there are even more events, this time, I would like to introduce the “Shopping Street World Card Rally” (until March 20th). Card Rally? – you might think. Read on to learn more about it!
To participate at this game, you visit some of the 117 participating shops in Minato area. The shops are all listed in the “passport” (I talked about last time). When you purchase something or eat at one of the shops you’ll get one of the “World Cards” introducing countries all over the world (in Japanese…). Collect these cards to participate in the lottery event of  the”Minato Ward World Carnival” (held at the Tokyo Tower on March 26th, 2017). There, you might win something!


This is how the passport looks like! 117 shops are listed in it.

You don’t need the “passport” to participate, but having the complete list of participating shops to carry around is practical and good for planning. The distribution places are listed on the official homepage. But since the HP is in Japanese only, just do it like I did! …I got my passport at the tourist information center!

Ok, so these are my 3 recommendations!

1. Uramakiya

“Uramakiya” (I have visited this restaurant before: link) is a “California Roll” only sushi restaurant. we introduced previously. This superb restaurant is by far my most favorite one. This is not only due to the yummy inside-out rolls, but also because of the friendly store manager. I definitely recommend this place!

This is the lunch menu!

This is the lunch menu!

The card I got at this restaurant is the “America” card. Maybe it’s because of the California rolls?!


The cards you have to collect look like this…they are Japanese only, though…


2. AMPELMAN Shop Tokyo

The second shop I decided to visit was the “Ampelman Shop Tokyo” at Takanawa. Have you ever heard of the famous German character “Amperman” – the symbol shown on pedestrian signals in the former East Germany (Berlin)? Since I am from Germany, I had to visit this shop!

Ampelmann Shop

The shop is located on the 3rd floor of a quite unspectacular building. It is pretty difficult to find, so using the map app of a smartphone might help.

Once I found the shop, I was surprised about all the Ampelmann goods they has there. Wow! They are perfect as a present!

Ampelmann Shop

Inside the Ampelmann shop

EVERYTHING is Ampelman ^ ^;

EVERYTHING is Ampelman ^ ^;

I bought some presents for my friends. This is the card I got at the “AMPELMAN Shop Tokyo”: the “Germany” card (of course^^).

Ampelmann goods

This is what I bought! A name tag for your suitcase and paper clips. So cute!!


3. Shirogane Sweets Main Store

Time for a dessert! The last shop I visited was a cake shop at the very retro Shirokane area. Actually, it’s very close to the pottery school “Shirogane Ceramic Art School” my friends and I had soooooo much fun (link).

Shirokane Sweets

This is the entrance of the cute shop

Have a look at all these delicious cakes!
Shirokane Sweets

This shop was originally located in Kyushu, The shop owner moved to Tokyo in 2016, so the shop is still brand new. In addition to cake, they also sell ice cream popsicles.
The ingredients they use for their cakes are all domestically grown products. For the fruits, they are mainly using fruits from Kyushu.

Shirokane Sweets

Pumpkin cheese cake and chocolate cake! Herbal tea is free!

At the cake shop I got a card of “Georgia”. These are the cards I collected at the 3 stores!

world cards
Thanks to “Shopping Street World Card Rally”, I was able to find great new shops and I was able to spend a fun day! I think, I will visit other shops listed in the passport!
Why don’t you get a passport and check out some of the shops during your stayas well ? Discover local neighborhoods, stroll around…and maybe find something completely unexpected and cool^^Enjoy!

Event Information:
World Festival Official HP (Japanese):

Store Information:
★ Uramakiya (California Sushi Rolls)
4-7 Higashi-Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo 2-7

★ AMPELMAN Shop Tokyo
Takanawa 1-2-16 Minato-ku, Tokyo Flatwell Takanawa 3F

★ Shirogane Sweets Main Store
5-12-17 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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