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Travel around the world in Minato-ku! “Minato City World Festival” Part 1

Stamp Rally

① “Minato City Embassy Stamp Rally”

Minato City in Tokyo is a very international place. Most of the foreign embassies gather there.
Every year, “Minato City World Festival” (held until March 26th, 2017) – a big festival – offers the rare chance to get a look inside the foreign embassies that usually aren’t open for the public.  If you are curious, you should participate in the “Minato City Stamp Rally of Embassies and Diplomatic Missions” (until March 20th).
The “Minato City Stamp Rally of Embassies and Diplomatic Missions” (long name!!) is a game in which you visit foreign embassies in Minato City and collect stamps in a “passport”.
By visiting various embassies you get a glimpse of foreign cultures in Tokyo and learn more about the countries of the world.
Also, depending on the number of stamps gathered at your passport, you can participate in a lottery event during the “Minato City World Carnival” to be held at Tokyo Tower on March 26th!


This is how the passport looks like!

To retain your passport, check the distribution places on the official homepage.
I got my passport at the tourist information center^^
36 embassies are participating in the stamp rally event. I decided to visit 3 of them.
1. Embassy of Fiji

The Embassy of Fiji is inside a very unique building I had been curious about for some time. I didn’t expect to find an embassy in this building at all! What a great chance to get a glimpse of the architecture!


I always wondered about what’s inside this gorgeous building…

In the entrance area of ​​the Embassy of Fiji you can find a lot of Fiji tourist information pamphlets and magazines. Also, they have a traditional instrument (drum) you may try out.


The view from the window of the Fiji embassy was wonderful!

Fiji embassy

I got the stamp for my passport at the entrance of the embassy ^ ^


2. Taiwan Cultural Center
(The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office)


Got my stamp!!

The Taiwan Cultural Center had a lot of information on Taiwan tourism information, as well as information on Taiwan related events in Tokyo. Taiwan is very close to Japan’s islands in the South. So it’s no surprise that a lot of movies and foods are imported to Japan.

Culture Center

A small exhibition of a Taiwanese artist was held at the Culture Center.


3. Embassy of Panama

The Embassy of Panama is in a stylish office building close to the Nishi Azabu Shopping Street near Tokyo Tower.



Here, I learned two things:
① Panama is a small country and it is possible to drive around the country in a single day!
② Panama – surprisingly – has very strong and successful wrestlers! (There were lots of trophies…)

Embassy of Panama

The atmosphere inside the Embassy of Panama was bright… with a delicious scent of coffee.

At first, it took a bit of courage to enter the embassies. However, I was able to learn something new and I experienced the international side of Tokyo – which was a great experience!
Why don’t you participate in the “Minato City Embassy Stamp Rally” while in Japan? I’m sure, it will be a  great experience^^

World Festival Official HP (Japanese):

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Official Tourism Ambassadors of Minato City sharing the highlights of Tokyo with you.

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