The Tokyo Tower in new splendor! Why the retro tower is still a must-see today

Top Deck

The popularity of the 60-year-old Tokyo Tower is still unclouded today. Every day, visitors from Japan and around the world come to see the orange and white broadcasting tower. Why? Well, did you know that the Tokyo Tower was recently reborn? On the new “Top Deck Tour” at 250 meters height, you get the chance to learn more about the history of Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a former broadcasting tower

A true V.I.P. experience

When participating in the Top Deck Tour (reservation required), there are no queues at the entrance. In no time you find yourself standing on the Main Deck at 150 meters (490 feet) height. A special feature of the tour is the free audio guide that comes in 13 languages. Learning more about the history of the tower in a familiar language is really nice.

Tokyo Tower

The audioguide is actually a really nice extra

As you go up from the Main Deck to the Top Deck at 250 meters (820 feet), the tablet of the audio guide turns into an interactive map that shows you exactly what you see beneath you.

Audio guide

Learn more about the city

See both: the Main deck AND the Top Deck

Tokyo Tower

The rival ahead?! Sky Tree seen from the Main Deck of Tokyo Tower

On the Top Deck Tour, you can visit both, the 150m and 250m deck. 150 meters is a great height to look closely at the buildings in the area.

Zojoji Temple

Zojoji Temple seen from above

Later, at 250 meters height, you will have a fantastic panoramic view of the city of Tokyo and, if the weather is good, even far beyond Tokyo Bay and Chiba Prefecture. On the way to the Top Deck, all participants of the tour receive a welcome drink and get the chance to do a photo shoot. So the short wait for the elevator passes by in no time!

photo shoot

The photo shoot is part of the tour (you receive a small picture for free)

Of course, the view from the upper deck is the absolute highlight of the tour. But also the interior design of the observatory is a treat! Mirrors on every wall and every pillar make you feel like standing in a sparkly jewel. When the city lights light up in the evening, the lamps are reflected romantically in the mirrors of the observation deck.

Top Deck

The sparkly interior of the Top Deck (very instagrammable!)

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge, leisure island Odaiba…and on the other side of Tokyo Bay: Chiba prefecture!

Tokyo Tower hasn’t lost its charm even at the age of 60 years. With its nostalgic atmosphere, brand new, ultra-clear windows, and the beautifully designed Top Deck, Tokyo Tower is definitely one of Tokyo’s top 10 attractions!


A view over Tokyo in the afternoon


Tokyo Tower at night

Tokyo Tower

Address: 4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Top Deck Tour


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