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A Neo-Baroque style palace in Tokyo? That’s the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace!

One of the hidden highlights in Tokyo is the “State Guest House Akasaka Palace”. Most of you have even seen this place on television. What kind of place that is? The “Visit Minato City” team got special permission to film the beautiful palace. Let’s have a look!

The State Guest House, Akasaka Palace was built in 1909 as the Crown Prince’s Palace. It is the only Neo-Baroque style palace in Japan. Today, it is used as the State Guest House. For several years, the Guest House couldn’t be visited – but now it is open to the public throughout the year!

"State Guest House Akasaka Palace"

The main building of the “State Guest House Akasaka Palace”

It is a western style building, but you’ll find many hidden Japanese decorations. (Taking photos inside the building is not allowed. Keep the memories in your heart!^^)


Inside the “Yushintei” – the Japanese Style Annex

You don’t need to apply beforehand when visiting the main building and the gardens surrounding it. However, in case of the Japanese Style Annex “Yushintei” you have to apply. It can only be visited with a booked tour. But it’s definitely worth it!!

The annex is a facility where foreign guests are welcomed in the Japanese style of hospitality. Here, you can see colorful Nishikigoi, a tea room and a stone garden.

Akasaka Palace is a great place and a MUST-SEE when visiting Tokyo!

Garden Café

From April 28 (Sat) to May 6 (Sun) 2018
(May 2 (Sun) is closed)
On April 28 (Sat) and to April 30 (Mon), and from May 3 (Thurs) to May 6 (Sun), the opening hours will be extended to 20 o’clock. On these days, starting at 18:45 the main building will be lit up.

State Guest House Akasaka Palace (Geihinkan Akasaka Rikyu)

2-1-1 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
HP: https://www.geihinkan.go.jp/en/akasaka/

Official Twitter account:

Official Instagram account:

Schedule and registration:

JR: “Yotsuya” Station (Chuo Line or Sobu Line), about 7 minutes walk from Akasaka Exit
Tokyo Metro: “Yotsuya” Station (Marunouchi Line, Namboku Line), about 7 minutes walk from Exit 1 (Marunouchi Line) or Exit 2 (Namboku Line)

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