Ninja Experience in Tokyo!

Did you know that there are still “ninja” here in Japan?
In Tokyo, there is a ninja group called “Musashi clan” which has a long history and served the Tokugawa shogunate for 265 years during the Edo period, and is still continuing training. And you can have that ninja experience too.

The dojo where the “Musashi clan” teaches “ninjutsu” (the art of ninja) is close to the Tokyo Tower. Wear a ninja outfit at the dojo and experience “shuriken” (throwing star) and “blow arrow” techniques together with real ninja.

Ninja Experience in Tokyo

Ninja Experience in Tokyo

Ninja Experience in Tokyo

Would you like to join a ninja training?
If so, you should definitely visit the Musashi clan’s dojo!

Musashi clan ninja experience program (advance booking is required):
Book here in advance

Ninja Experience in Tokyo

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