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Refreshment for your body and soul! Full-fledged coffee, a green garden and modern art at “Toranomon Hills”

Toranomon Hills

Before the Olympic Games take place in 2020, new landmarks are born every day in Tokyo.
“Toranomon Hills” is one of them. It’s is a 247 meters high skyscraper complex surrounded by greenery. Maybe you have heard of the famous “Roppongi Hills“, which is a building of the same brand. It is no wonder that since it’s opening in 2014, “Toranomon Hills” has been in the center of attention because of its nice concept combining food and art! 

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“Get lucky” in Tokyo – “Power spots” at temples and shrines are trending!


Recently, in Japan, visiting “power spots” is very popular. The term “power spot” is a Japanese-made English word for a spiritual place, which is believed to have some kind of good influence and endows visitors with healing energy. Luck, love, health…There are several power spots in Tokyo and today, I would like to introduce you some very unique shrine and temple and their power spots!

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