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Summer at Odaiba

The leisure island “Odaiba” located in the middle of Tokyo Bay is gaining more and more popularity.

It’s a place where you can go with your family, your friends, your partner etc. and have fun the whole day. There are lots of beaches, shopping malls, restaurants and other leisure facilities for you to explore.

You can go to Odaiba by the “Yurikamome”-train, by waterbus, … or even WALK! Getting to Odaiba is actually also fun! Why don’t you hang out at Odaiba, feel the ocean breeze and relax?

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Cold treats for hot days: gourmet shaved ice!


Speaking of popular Japanese “summer sweets”, shaved ice (kakigori) comes into my mind first. As the hot summer continues, from time to time I feel like treating myself with this heavenly pile of powdery snow to get on going. Recently, convenience stores started selling various kinds of shaved ice, which is great on the go. However, special gourmet shaved ice also exists. If you have never eaten shaved ice (or if you have already eaten a lot of shaved ice) you should try something special next. Here is my list of popular and hidden shops!

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Fireworks in an aquarium?! Aqua Park Shinagawa at night!

Dolphin Show

An aquarium in Japan isn’t just a place to watch fishes drift through big water tanks. It is a place where fun events are held and a place to actually get in touch with sea creatures. Starting this summer until fall, “Aqua Park Shinagawa” in Tokyo is attracting attention for its fantastic show of lights and music. It is a show that only takes place at night. “Aqua Park Shinagawa” is open until 22 o’clock – so, wait until it gets dark and then head to the aquarium!

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5 tips to enjoy Tokyo during the hot summer months!


Summer in Tokyo is hot and very humid. If you are traveling Japan during the summer months, you might not be able to avoid sweating and even getting a sunburn. But you can definitely do some activities that let you forget about the high temperatures. There are even some things, that you can only do in summer. So, here is my list of 5 activities that you should try to do when visiting Tokyo in the summertime!

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