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A visit to the beautiful “State Guest House Akasaka Palace” in the middle of Tokyo!

In recent years, the number of foreign tourists in Tokyo has been increasing. Although there is a lot of information and guidebooks, I have the impression that there are still some touristic highlights that are not yet well known. One of these highlights is the tour of the “State Guest House Akasaka Palace”. Most of you have even seen this place on television. What kind of place that is? The “Visit Minato City” team got special permission to film the palace, so I am happy to introduce you to the charming “State Guest House Akasaka Palace Tour” in this article!

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The Best of Nara in Tokyo: “Antenna shop” and Restaurant TOKINOMORI


In Tokyo, there are shops – called “antenna shops” – where you can buy products from all regions and prefectures of Japan. These shops are great for browsing around and learning about local specialty products (which has always been a fun experience). Today, I would like to introduce an antenna shop and a restaurant of the Nara prefecture located in the stylish Shirokanedai neighborhood. Join me!

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