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Enjoy Japanese culture: this is how to visit a Japanese shrine! – Atago Jinja

All around Japan, you will find Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. But haven’t you wondered what Japanese people exactly do there? In our video, we will guide you through your shrine or temple visit step-by-step. So if you are curious about this part of Japanese tradition, this is the video for you! Knowing how to behave and what to do at a shrine will deepen your understanding of Japanese culture and make your trip to Japan even more enjoyable!

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Fall feelings: These are the best spots to see autumn leaves in Tokyo!

Tokyo Tower

Japan’s cherry blossom season is famous all over the world, but actually, the “autumn foliage season” is also a popular season you shouldn’t miss. The best time to catch the gorgeous autumn leaves in Tokyo is from late November to early December. In this article, we will introduce wonderful autumnal spots in the city where you will get “fall feelings” while visiting great tourist attractions and museums!

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