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New Year in Tokyo: Visit the seven deities of good fortune for a happy 2020! “Minato Shichifukujin Meguri” Tour

In Japan, there is the custom of visiting a temple or shrine at the beginning of each year – called hatsumode – to pray for health and happiness for the new year. There is currently a special event taking place in Minato City, where you can visit temples and shrines on foot and experience various tourist highlights along the way.

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A public bath turned into an izakaya !? Discover the crazy fun restaurant “Bunbuku”!

Lately in Tokyo’s Tamachi district there is an “izakaya“-style restaurant that has recently become a hot topic: “Bunbuku”. What once was a historic public bath located in a buzzing shopping street, has now been transformed into a restaurant while preserving the characteristics of a typical Japanese public bath. This is our experience at the public bath restaurant!

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Spending New Year’s Eve in Tokyo: New Year’s experience at Zojoji Temple

New Year’s in Japan s called “O-Shougatsu”. It’s a family-centered event, such as Christmas or Hanukkah. During this time, the buzzing city of Tokyo is much quieter than usual. However, temples and shrines are an exception. In Japan, it is common to visit temples and shrines on New Year’s Eve (December 31) to celebrate the New Year. One well-known temple that is a very popular location during “O-Shogatsu” is Zojoji Temple. This is what New Year’s at a Japanese temple is like!

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