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“Get lucky” in Tokyo – “Power spots” at temples and shrines are trending!


Recently, in Japan, visiting “power spots” is very popular. The term “power spot” is a Japanese-made English word for a spiritual place, which is believed to have some kind of good influence and endows visitors with healing energy. Luck, love, health…There are several power spots in Tokyo and today, I would like to introduce you some very unique shrine and temple and their power spots!

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Having fun in the city of travelers “Shinagawa”! Karaoke and bowling at Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Bowling at Shinagawa

The Shinagawa area including Shinagawa Station – which is the access point to Haneda Airport and also one of the two Shinkansen stations – is the town of the beginning and the end of journeys. Since Shinagawa has many hotels for travelers there are many foreign tourists who stay at Shinagawa. But can you go out and have fun? What should you do in the Shinagawa area? In this article, I will introduce some of Shinagawa’s “fun spots” for travelers. So, let’s go!

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Lost in the Roppongi Art Triangle – Visiting an architecture exhibition at the Mori Art Museum


Roppongi in Tokyo is famous for being a city of modern art. So if you want to experience the “now” of the Japanese art scene, you should go to Roppongi! First of all, there is the “Roppongi Art Triangle” (or “Art Triangle Roppongi”), consisting of three cutting-edge art museums, but there is also a lot of representative modern architecture. Including places such as Roppongi Hills, which looks like a spaceship out of an SF movie that landed in the middle of the city. We went to an art exhibition at the Mori Art Museum that combines these two elements: art and architecture.

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