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Shopping in Tokyo! From long-established shops to the latest trends: the international shopping street Azabu Juban

The Azabu Juban area is nearby Roppongi, the nightlife and art district of Tokyo. There are old-established Japanese shops with a long history, stores with unusual products, stores that showcase the latest fashion trends. From shopping to delicious meals you will find everything here. During a stroll, my friend Yena and I explored the shopping street and collected “World Cards” for the “Minato Ward World Festival”. (Click here for more information on the event)

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Welcome to the Japanese businessman’s microcosm! “New Shimbashi Building”

When you think about Japan, what kind of image pops into your mind? I bet it’s an image of men and women in suits getting stuffed into crowded trains. Well, first of all, please don’t worry too much about crowded trains in Japan! (The rush hour is pretty rough, tough) But have you ever wondered where all these people go? One answer is Shimbashi! Shimbashi is the most famous office areas in Japan. Today, I’ll visit a special building and dive into the microcosmos of Japanese office workers.

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Discovering Tokyo’s international side: A visit to the German Cultural Center

Japan is a country with a relatively small population of foreigners. Nonetheless, the capital Tokyo is slowly changing, turning into an international city. Especially the Minato Wards is a good example of international vibes in the city. This is due to the huge number of embassies gathering in this part of Tokyo. Therefore, you get the change to meet a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds.
Every spring, an event series called “Minato City World Festival” is held. This event is an opportunity to discover the diversity of Tokyo. By joining one of the events called “Minato City Stamp Rally of Embassies and Diplomatic Missions” you will get the chance to take a look inside of foreign embassies in Tokyo!
So why don’t you join us on this adventure? All you need is a “passport” which is available at the Minato Ward Tourist Information Center, the Ward Office, and a number of hotels inside the Minato Ward.

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Travel around the world without leaving Tokyo! “Minato City World Festival 2019”


The Minato ward (also known as Minato City or Minato-ku) in Tokyo is one of the most international wards in the city, with many foreigners living here. One of the reasons might be because more than half of the foreign embassies in Japan are located inside Minato City. Between January and March every year, an event is held to connect the many different countries and cultures of the world. This is “Minato City World Festival”!

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