What is it like to get a haircut in Tokyo?

Did you know that Japanese hairdressers are among the best and most technically skilled hairdressers in the world? In Japan, hairdressers are shown in fashion magazines where they present their skills and the latest haircuts – that’s how popular they are. Maybe you’ve even considered going to a Japanese hairdresser’s salon. But the language barrier is a problem. Do not worry! Today, I would like to introduce a hair salon in Tokyo where all staff speak English.

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Japan’s most international Obon dance festival! “Roppongi Hills Bon-Odori”

The Japanese summer includes fireworks, festivals and the Obon dance (“Bon Odori”). Everywhere in Japan at least one of these three summer activities takes place. The summer festival in the Roppongi – a vibrant area in Tokyo surrounded by office buildings, embassies, museums, and nightclubs – is something special. Therefore, I would like to talk about this fun festival and the Obon dance!

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Have a drink with office workers and Yukata girls! Takeshiba Summer Festival 2017

Takeshiba Pier Park

The Takeshiba area that is facing Tokyo Bay is currently being redeveloped. It is going to change a lot in the near future. In order to spread the news and to have some fun until all new buildings are built, the locals of this area started a summer festival 3 years ago. Their community festival is called “Takeshiba Summer Festival”. As it is only a 3 days festival, I hurried up and went there to check it out!

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Summer at Odaiba

The leisure island “Odaiba” located in the middle of Tokyo Bay is gaining more and more popularity.

It’s a place where you can go with your family, your friends, your partner etc. and have fun the whole day. There are lots of beaches, shopping malls, restaurants and other leisure facilities for you to explore.

You can go to Odaiba by the “Yurikamome”-train, by waterbus, … or even WALK! Getting to Odaiba is actually also fun! Why don’t you hang out at Odaiba, feel the ocean breeze and relax?

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