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Meet your favorite Sailor Guardians at the world’s first Sailor Moon show restaurant – ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO-‘

In August last year, the world’s first Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon show restaurant opened in Tokyo’s Azabu-juban area, the neighborhood where much of the original story is set. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO- is a permanent restaurant where you can enjoy a spectacular show featuring your favorite Sailor Guardians, while eating and drinking Sailor Moon inspired food and drinks!

The sparkling entrance gives promise of the magic that awaits.

Towards Azabuju-juban, the place where it all began!

Did you know that a lot of the Sailor Moon story takes place in Tokyo’s Minato ward?
In fact, iconic places such as Tokyo Tower, Usagi’s (Sailor Moon) house, and the shrine where Rei (Sailor Mars) works at, are all located in Minato City! Much of the story is centered especially around Azabu-juban, the neighborhood where Usagi lives. This is also where you will find this new, and impressive, show restaurant. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -MOON SHINING TOKYO- is a permanent restaurant with a stage show held three times every evening. During lunchtime there is no show, but you can still go there for some cute, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon-themed lunch! All visits requires a reservation beforehand through their website.

Charming interior and memorable photo spots

Upon entering the restaurant, you are immediately surrounded by Sailor Moon inspired decorations and merchandise. It almost feels as you entered into a different world. The big, golden crescent moon in front of draped red velvet is the main photo-spot in the restaurant. Some decorations change depending on season and for special events, such as the Sailor Guardian’s birthdays. Pose like your favorite Sailor Guardian and share it with your friends to make them jealous!

Taking a photo here will make any Sailor Moon fan be over the moon – literally!

Move further into the restaurant, and in the back you will find Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the inner Guardians’ outfits on display. These costumes are the same which are actually worn on stage for the performance. It is not often you will have chance to see Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon costume’s this close, so it is a real treat for fans.

A majestic sight of the Sailor Guardians’ costumes on display

Details of the sparkly costumes – which according to many are the costumes with the best design to date!

A menu full of dishes and drinks inspired by the world of Sailor Moon

Before the show begins, take a seat and enjoy a meal inspired by different Sailor Moon characters. Everything looks adorable and with elements from the series implemented in various creative ways. The soundtrack of the original anime is playing in background while eating, adding to the sentimental feelings and anticipation for the show. As the dishes and desserts on the menu change each season, don’t forget to check out the website for the current menu.

Food from this year’s summer menu included a Rabbit Curry which looked adorable, but had a spicy kick to it.

After finishing eating you can bring the plate and the coaster with you home! The plate comes in two sizes, a bigger plate used for the main dish and a smaller dish for the dessert. For more original goods, check out the second-floor goods area where they sell everything from clothing, to stationary and cast photos.

The main dishes and desserts are served on top of a paper sheet to keep the plate clean for when you bring it home!

One dish and one drink are included in the price, but you can order more when you get to the restaurant.

Bring back your plate and coaster as a memorabilia of the magical experience!

Be amazed by the magical performance at the world’s first Sailor Moon show restaurant

As Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians walk on the pink, sparkling stage, it is almost as if they popped straight out of the story. Everyone in the cast brings their character to live through their performance. With quirks and movements matching perfectly how each character is portrayed in the series. The emotion-packed show brings the audience through energetic dancing scenes, impactful fighting scenes, and even includes an introduction to Tokyo’s famous tourist spots.

At the end of the show the main cast will go around the seating-area to greet everyone in the audience. This rare chance to see your favorite Sailor Guardians up-close which will leave your heart beating from excitement!

Since the show itself barely has any spoken lines, you don’t need to worry about not understanding the story. Just sit back and relax with the rest of the Sailor Moon fans gathered from all over the world!

Taking photographs during the main show is strictly prohibited. Only during the Moonlight Densetsu (Moonlight Legend) encore performance is taking photos and videos allowed. For the encore everyone in the audience is even encouraged to join in and sing along!

The Sailor Moon show restaurant is an experience of a lifetime

A visit to the world’s first Sailor Moon show restaurant, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO-, is a must for any fan of the global phenomenon Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, or anyone looking for an exciting Tokyo experience!

Snap out of your dream and make it come true – head to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO- to see your childhood heroines in real life!

Don’t forget to see the official website for the latest information, current menu, and to make your reservation!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO-

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/ESWNWFaGPrfkeXW86
Address: Azabujuban 1-10-10 Joule A B1F, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Closest station:Azabu-juban Station, Exit 5 (Toei Oedo Line/Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)

・While in the area, how about a walk in the Azabu-juban area and explore the International Azabu-juban Shopping Street!
・Don’t forget to visit the iconic Tokyo Tower! Read more about it, and the renewed main deck, here!

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