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A walk around Tokyo’s waterfront “Shibaura Area” and the best view of Rainbow Bridge

Shibaura area is a neighborhood you won’t find in many guidebooks. It is close to Tokyo Bay and has many hidden gems, like a park with the most beautiful view on Rainbow Bridge, cityscapes that look like something straight out of an SF movie, and not to mention the cute Shinshiba Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge up close

If you want to see the symbol of Tokyo BayーRainbow Bridgeーup close, Shibaura-Minami Futo Park is the place to go! It’s about a 20-minute walk from JR Tamachi Station, but there are many canals and interesting architecture on the way, so the walk is well worth it.

Nothing close to Venice, but this area has many charming bridges and canals!

My new best friend!

On our way to the park, we bought homemade cream puffs at Shibaura Lemon Tree to have a snack later.

Shibaura Lemon Tree. Takeout only.

This area is mostly frequented by locals

As you approach Shibaura-Minami Futo Park, the scenery changes to a sci-fi movie-like setting. The Metropolitan Expressway draws a large circle and climbs to the height of the Rainbow Bridge, which to me always looks incredibleーeven after so many years in Japan.

This big spiral road looks so cool!

Pure SF!

On the way to the park, you will notice the entrance of the Rainbow Bridge Walk, where you have to go up if you want to walk on the bridge to Odaiba. Walk by, pass a baseball field and head towards the sea. there you are! How about this view?!

Rainbow Bridge during the daytime. In Tokyo, the sky is the clearest in winter.

We had our cream puffs while looking at the sea. Since there are almost no trash cans in public spaces in Japan, you need to take your leftovers home.

Rainbow Bridge at night is also beautiful. In December, you may witness the special rainbow-colored lights. If you are in Tokyo during this time, don’t miss the opportunity for the most beautiful photo!

Shibaura-Minami Futo Park

(3-33 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Opening hours: 8: 00-21: 00

Shibaura Lemon Tree

(2-1-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Cute Shin-shiba Bridge with seasonal lights

Maybe not a touristic highlight, but this bridge is really cute.

Another thing that I would like to introduce in the Shibaura area is Shinshibabashi, Shin-shiba Bridge, which is located close to the east exit of JR Tamachi when you just walk straight in the direction of the sea. Every night, this charming bridge is lit up by colorful lights.

Shinshibabashi in the daytime

If you descend from the main street to the promenade along the river, you will discover how romantic this spot actually is.

The street lights are in European-style.

If you want to take pictures of the lights that light up the bridge and change depending on the occasion and the season, try to find a spot at the promenade where you can also see the reflection of the lights on the water surface.

There are a lot of different lights such as pink lights for cherry blossom season, golden lights for holidays and Olympic colors.

Rainbow colors!

While I was taking a picture of the bridge, a water taxi passed by. This relatively new water taxi service is actually very reasonable. Prices start at 500 yen for one short ride to the next stop. Payment is possible with a transportation ID card such as Pasmo or Suica. The small boat equipped with toilets can accommodate up to eight people, and cruise reservations are possible, too.

The water taxi looks fun!

Shin-shiba Bridge / Shinshibabashi

(3-7-16 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo) https://goo.gl/maps/ewW2Z3X6UtQbj8AD8



How did you like our walk at Tokyo’s waterfront around the “Shibaura Area”? If you have the time and if you want to avoid the crowded touristic spots in Tokyo, head to Tokyo’s waterfront and enjoy a walk in the sunshine and a spectacular view of Rainbow Bridge!

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