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Exploring Shinagawa ー Part 1! An innovative aquarium and BBQ street

Shinagawa is a transit hub in Tokyo. It offers easy access to Haneda Airport and many Shinkansen departures, which every day takes thousands of people to every part of Japan. It is also a buzzing office district where many business people come and go. However, there is much more to see and explore in this area than just office buildings. Shinagawa is a center of entertainment and gourmet cuisine. In our new series, we will introduce all the must-go places in Shinagawa. This first article features an exciting high-tech aquarium and “Yakiniku Street”. Let’s go!

Aqua Park Shinagawa

Aqua Park Shinagawa is a fantastic aquarium that makes full use of the latest technology.
Digital art using projection-mapping transforms this aquarium into a fantasy environment. The fun collaboration of fish and digital art is unique to Aqua Park and therefore it’s a must-see!

Yellow fish

Hello there!

The aquarium is open until late at night. If you are looking for a place for a romantic date – this is the place to go!


Install the aquarium app “LINNE CAMERA” on your smartphone to get more information about each marine creature in multiple languages using your camera.

Aqua Park Shinagawa offers its visitors a variety of attractions. Among them, we highly recommend the 20 meters long underwater tunnel. In the tunnel you can observe mantas and rays swimming elegantly all around you. Another part you don’t want to miss is the magical jellyfish aquarium area where changing lights and sound creates a stunning experience.

Jellyfish room

Taking care of jellyfish is actually very difficult. the fact that you can enjoy so many of these elegant creatures in one place is close to a miracle.

The biggest highlight is, after all, the impressive dolphin show with water curtains, superb light, and sound effects!

Dolphin Show

There are two different versions of the show, one for daytime and one for nighttime.

Meeting the stars of the show

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa

4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/r84LPX4EWe5wEWyH6


Shinagawa Yakiniku Street


What a wonderful sight!

It’s late afternoon and you are getting hungry? Just head to the Konan Exit of Shinagawa Station to find a buzzing restaurant area! Take acloser look and you will see the entrance to a maze of narrow alleys hidden behind the facades of the shops on the main street. This is “Yakiniku Paradise”! Yakiniku is grilled meat. But it’s so much more than just that. Yakiniku has it’s own place in Japanese culture and people love it. When entering the back alley you will find yourself immersed in smoke and the great smell of BBQ. By the way, the back alleys are very photogenic!


The narrow gap between the buildings is where you enter the yakiniku street

My friends and I choose to visit the yakiniku restaurant Banya. This store uses traditional ‘shichirin’ (= earthen charcoal brazier). Yakiniku is like an indoor BBQ. It’s really simple. Decide which menu you want to eat, and start grilling the meat brought to the table. Preparing your meal by yourself with your friends and family is the best part!


The small grill on the right photo is called ‘shichirin’. It’s portable so the staff will prepare it before carrying it to your table.


We surely need some practice – ignore the black spots…

You should definitely try Japanese wagyu beef with its soft texture which feels as if the meat melts in your mouth!



Banya is a lively restaurant with a lot of office workers. Many of them are from the surrounding companies who come here to enjoy yakiniku and some drinks after finishing their day’s work.
If you like meat and want to get a glimpse of the real Japanese daily life, you have to explore Yakiniku Street!

Yakiniku Shubo Banya

2-2-15 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Yhej6oHJwgzyCh2h7

Next time, we will visit the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, another fun place where you can spend all day!

Please note that the facilities introduced in this article may not be open due to measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Please do not go out during the state of emergency. However, we hope this article can function as an inspiration for your future travel plans.

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