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Having fun in the city of travelers “Shinagawa”! Karaoke and bowling at Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Bowling at Shinagawa

The Shinagawa area including Shinagawa Station – which is the access point to Haneda Airport and also one of the two Shinkansen stations – is the town of the beginning and the end of journeys. Since Shinagawa has many hotels for travelers there are many foreign tourists who stay at Shinagawa. But can you go out and have fun? What should you do in the Shinagawa area? In this article, I will introduce some of Shinagawa’s “fun spots” for travelers. So, let’s go!

In one of the previous articles, I introduced a walking course, a fantastic aquarium, and a cool fishing pond in the Shinagawa area. This time, I will introduce the bowling center and karaoke at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel.


Shinagawa Prince Hotel’s bowling center is located inside the hotel. If you stay at this hotel, you can go to the bowling facility without getting wet on a rainy day. However, even if you are not staying at the hotel, I’ll take you only about 2 minutes to reach the hotel when you leave the Takanawa exit of Shinagawa station.

Bowling at Shinagawa

The bowling center at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel

The bowling center is divided into 2 floors with a total of 80 lanes – it’s a surprisingly large bowling center. Because it has become a quite popular facility over the years, there were many people bowling even though my friend and I went there on a weekday.

Bowling at Shinagawa

Yena has an interesting “bowling style”

Of course, you can rent bowling shoes, too. So you don’t need to bring anything. However, since the shoe sizes are Japanese sizes, it would be practical if you’d know the length of your feet in centimeters. (That’s how Japanese sizing works!)

Bowling at Shinagawa

Bowling has no age-limit. It’s a great way to have fun with a group of people – especially on rainy days

The bowling lanes were shiny and new – “The Dude” would be pleased! Also, when someone hits a strike at the lane next to yours, just say “Congratulations!”. You might find some Japanese friends!

Bowling at Shinagawa



Checking the results…


The karaoke facility at Shinagawa Prince Hotel is called “Karaoke Yamanote-sen”. That’s because all of the rooms have the name of a station of the famous JR Yamanote line. The size of the room you’ll get is determined by the number of people. The room we entered was just the right size for two and also, it was very clean and nice.

Karaoke at Shinagawa

The rooms at “Karaoke Yamanote-sen” are named after stations of the Yamanote line

Karaoke at Shinagawa

The next stop is…Shibuya!

Nowadays, Japanese karaoke has a remote control with a touch panel which you use to search songs. Several years ago, you had to use a big telephone book looking “brick” to search for songs – which was very inconvenient and hard to understand. But now, it’s all high tech.

Karaoke at Shinagawa

Right now, the screen is in Japanese but you can change the language to English

The nice thing about the modern remote control is that you can switch the language to English. There is also a section where you can select English, Korean and Chinese songs so it’s not a problem if you don’t know any Japanese songs.

Karaoke at Shinagawa

Karaoke is always fun – alone AND with friends

At “Karaoke Yamanote-sen”, the “hidden highlight” is the food menu (which you also order using a touch panel device). The menu offers super luxurious dishes such as Caesar salad with raw ham, baked red snapper, and oven grilled lobster.

Karaoke at Shinagawa

The food menu (automatically translated into English) with pictures of the dishes

There are also reasonable dishes, such as “takoyaki” (soul food from Osaka) – which you usually won’t find at a karaoke bar -, luxurious mega french fries and delicious desserts, such as tiramisu and so on. There are various kinds of drinks: shochu, wine, and soft drinks. Because the food and drinks are “hotel quality”, the prices are slightly higher than at karaoke bars in the city. Therefore, ordering a food plan is a great option. For a “joshikai” plan (a plan for a group of women), you pay 3000 yen for one person with an all-you-can-drink option.

Karaoke at Shinagawa

We even found a German song!


Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Location: 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 2 minutes on foot from Shinagawa station (Takanawa exit) of Shinkansen / JR / Keikyu Line.

Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center

Location: Annex Tower 1F / 2F
Monday – Thursday: 10 A.M. – 10 P.M.
Friday, Saturday, the day before a holiday: 10 A.M. – 1 A.M.
Sunday · Public holidays: 10 A.M. – 10 P.M.
For more information and prices, please check their HP:
HP: http://blog.princehotels.co.jp/shinagawa/bowling/ (Japanese)

Shinagawa Prince Hotel “Karaoke Yamanote Line”

Location: East Tower B1F
Weekday and Saturday: 1 P.M. – 4 A.M. (Last entry 3 A.M.)
Holidays: 1 P.M. – 11 P.M. (Last entry 10:30 P.M.)
(Children allowed)
For more information and prices, please check their HP:
HP: https: //www.princehotels.co.jp/shinagawa/restaurant/yamanotesen/



I was born and raised in Kiel/Germany. When I was 16 I came to Japan for the first time. I fell in love with this beautiful country, so I returned after my university graduation. Since then, I have been living in Tokyo - and I don't plan to change anything about that ;-) My hobbies are taking a stroll around the city, taking photos and drinking coffee.


Mame chan

During Ohanami (Cherry Blossom) season, a walk through the two other Prince properties day or night is very beautiful. Also “Ramen Row” under Shinagawa station.
I was told that this October 2019, the station will start “construction improvements” and all the shops, izakaya and other restaurants will be Gone!!!!
After 25 years of business travel visiting many of the shops under Shinagawa, I will visit next month (September) to visit many good people who I will most likely never see again. My Japanese mom has a small 10 seat bar. She is 88 years young now and forced to retire.
If anyone reading this is in there, please stop and say konbanwa mama! Mame chan loves you!
She loves her red wine, but nothing cheap or expensive the ¥1200 to ¥2,500 is perfect.
How to find this wonderful Underworld … When Exiting Takanawa side go your right and take the stairs down next to the Pachiko shop. Exit the glass doors and Karin shop is the 3rd on your right side!
Leave your contact information and I will reimburse you for the wine.
Alooooha 🤙



Oh no!!! The ramen street will vanish? I didn’t know that. That’s really sad! (But it happens all the time in Tokyo…)
Please say Hi to your Japanese mom!! 🙂


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