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Enjoy New Year’s shopping at AquaCity Odaiba

New Years in Japan is a time when many people go back home to spend a relaxing time with their family, eating New Year’s food ‘Osechi’, and watching New Year’s TV. If you are in Tokyo during the beginning of the year, be aware of that many smaller shops and restaurants might be closed for a few days. In the bigger shopping centers however, you can enjoy all of the New Year’s sales!

Today we are introducing one of the biggest shopping centers in Minato city – AquaCity Odaiba.
A shopping center which offer a lot more than just great shopping!

Welcome to AquaCity Odaiba!

AquaCity Odaiba is located just across the Tokyo Bay, and right next the Statue of Liberty. Since its opening in 2000, the shopping center has been a place perfect for shopping with their wide array of stores. You can find anything you are looking for. Both for yourself and souvenirs to bring back to people at home.

Created with the theme of being the Tokyo Resort Island, the facility offers more than just amazing shopping. From restaurants created to resemble a pirate ship, a ramen street, a movie theater, a shop where you can even try to operate a drone, there is plenty of things that you could wish for to have a day full of shopping and entertainment!

As of recently, the ways which you can pay when shopping has increased, to make shopping even faster and smoother! Besides traditional cash or credit card, mobile payments such as Alipay and Line Pay continue gaining more popularity and are now widely available at most of the shops!

Alipay is one service through which it is becoming more popular to pay for shopping among tourists in Japan!

A shopping center with a lot more to do than just shopping!

If you are wondering where to go, or what to do, why don’t you ask the tri-lingual android information clerk Chihira Junko for help? You can even just enjoy some small talk with her in English, Chinese, or Japanese, while being amazed at how realistic she looks, and even moves her face (she even blinks!).

Chihiro Junko, a tri-lingual android information clerk to assist you with your shopping!

One of the charming points that really sets the place apart, is the astonishing view from within, and around AquaCity Odaiba! Many restaurants have seats by the window, or on a terrace for their guests to enjoy the scenery while eating, a view that has a completely different atmosphere depending on the time of the day – so spending a whole day at AquaCity Odaiba to enjoy what the place has to offer to its fullest is recommended!

Just outside of AquaCity Odaiba you can already catch a glimpse of the amazing view you can enjoy during your meal!

Japan is well-known for mixing tradition and modern, something you can experience here as well with the AquaCity Odaiba shrine located on the rooftop at the 6thfloor! For anyone visiting in the beginning of January, this is the perfect opportunity to cross of ‘Hatsumode’ (first shrine or temple visit of the year) of your list!

AquaCity Odaiba Jinja – A shrine at a department store, how cool is that?!

Before you leave for the day, don’t forget to snap a photo together with the evening scenery!

The evening view from AquaCity Odaiba has a completely different feeling than during the day, so it’s worth staying long enough to be able to enjoy both!

AquaCity Odaiba

Opening hours:
11:00 – 21:00 Shops
11:00 – 23:00 Restaurants (Please check the homepage for more information about other opening hours, and opening hours during special holidays)
Access: 1 min walk from Daiba Station, Yurikamome Line
6 min walk from Tokyo Teleport, Rinkai Line
Adress: 1-7-1, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 135-0091
Homepage: https://www.aquacity.jp

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