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One and a half years have passed since the opening of the “Snoopy Museum Tokyo” in Roppongi. In this museum, which revolves around Charlie Brown and his friends, the contents of the exhibition are regularly changed. The topic of the current special exhibition is…”love”! Well, that’s the best topic ever, right?! Of course, I made my way immediately.

Just a 7-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Roppongi Station in a quiet street, the Snoopy Museum Tokyo is welcoming Peanuts-fans from all over the world. At the entrance, several Snoopys in his various designs of the past are greeting visitors entering the museum.

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

The entrance of the Snoopy Museum Tokyo

This museum is the only branch of the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, USA. The exhibits are mainly original comic strips of the “Peanuts”, but there is also a café and a museum shop with merchandise made exclusively for the Snoopy Museum that can only be bought here.

“Love is Wonderful”

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Love is in the air…

As already mentioned, the theme of this special exhibition is “love”. When talking about love in the “Peanuts”, Lucy, who is in love with Schröder, who always plays on his toy piano, comes to mind first. But was Snoopy ever in love? What about the other characters? The more I think about it, the more I realize that I do not know.

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Watching a special movie

Before we enter the museum’s exhibition room, a short film will be shown. The film perfectly reflects Snoopy’s world: unique and always totally cute!

Snoopy Museum Tokyo
The exhibition area of the museum continues. The individual sections are always dedicated to a different character from the series. There is a list of detailed data about who was in love with whom, and when and in which episode that love is shown. It’s fun to compare the different types of love the characters experience.

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Detailed info about each character

Depending on the character, the color of the wallpaper and the design of the section also change. Compared to the past, there are many more places where you can take pictures. How about a cute photo in front of one of the dotted wallpaper?

“The Little Red-Haired Girl”

By the way, who did Charlie Brown love? He falls in love with Peggy Jean at the summer camp. And there is also the “little red-haired girl” whose name we do not know and who doesn’t personally appear in any episode.

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Snoopy devastated…

As for Snoopy, I did not know that he once decided to marry. On his wedding day, Snoopy’s older brother Spike runs away with the bride and Snoopy is devastated. Did you know that? In this special exhibition, there are many surprising discoveries like these. The diverse facets of love that comic book author Charles M. Schulz presents to his readers is impressive!

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Limited merchandise!

The museum shop has many original items that can only be bought here. The Shop and café cannot be entered without museum tickets. Therefore, chances are that you will never meet someone with the same merch. The museum did numerous collaborations with well-known Japanese companies such as Cosme-Kitchen (cosmetics) and Gelato-Pike (pajamas). A great souvenir from Japan!

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

At the museum shop

Snoopy Merch

Snoopy merchandise

“Cafe Blanket” is the museum cafe. A look at the menu reveals that everything revolves around the Japanese “kawaii culture”. But of course, the food is not only visually, but also outstanding in taste! Matching the exhibition, there are some menus on the subject of “love” – of course, a mixture of “sweet” and “sour”.

X-mas special menu: Christmas Snowy Pancake


Although the subject of the Snoopy Museum Tokyo’s special exhibition is “love,” did you know that only one character actually found his love? Who? The answer can be found in the special exhibition!

See you at the Snoopy Museum Tokyo!

See you at the Snoopy Museum Tokyo!

Snoopy Museum Tokyo
Special exhibition “Love is Wonderful”

October 7th, 2017 (Sat) – April 8th, 2018(Sun)
Closed during New Year’s holidays (December 31st to January 2nd)

HP: http://www.snoopymuseum.tokyo/en/

Address: 5-6-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (admission until 19:30)

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