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Have a drink with office workers and Yukata girls! Takeshiba Summer Festival 2017

Takeshiba Pier Park

The Takeshiba area that is facing Tokyo Bay is currently being redeveloped. It is going to change a lot in the near future. In order to spread the news and to have some fun until all new buildings are built, the locals of this area started a summer festival 3 years ago. Their community festival is called “Takeshiba Summer Festival”. As it is only a 3 days festival, I hurried up and went there to check it out!

Takeshiba Pier Park

Young women wearing yukatas are heading to the Takeshiba Pier Park

The venue for the festival is Takeshiba Pier Park (“Takeshiba Futo Koen” 竹芝ふ頭公園). It is located just off the Yurikamome Line “Takeshiba Station”. Also, it is not far from JR “Hamamatsucho Station”. Takeshiba Pier Park is called a “park”, but it is more like a big square surrounding a ship’s mast.

Takeshiba Pier Park

Takeshiba Pier Park

“Takeshiba Summer Festival – Seaside Music & Dining” is held on the plaza and on the promenade surrounding it. They were plenty of chairs and tables, so you can buy food and drinks at the stands and sit wherever you like.

Takeshiba Pier Park


Takeshiba Pier Park

…and a lot of food!

One of the highlights of this festival was delicious craft beer. Compared to prices in Germany, beer prices in Japan always feel quite expensive (how is it in comparison to your country?). But the great thing is that the food prices are very reasonable. So there is a good balance with the pricing.


Takeshiba Pier Park

These are the tables close to the stage in the center of the park.

There were a lot of people enjoying a cold beer after a hot summer day. Also, at the central stage at the plaza, live performances by various bands were held. If you really want to listen to the music while drinking beer or wine, the seats near the stage are best.

Takeshiba Pier

Takeshiba Pier: This hovercraft goes to one of Tokyo’s islands.

There is a ferry terminal at Takeshiba with hovercraft boats going to the southern islands belonging to the city of Tokyo. Besides that, there is also a cruise ships terminal. Night cruises that go around Tokyo Bay are very popular, especially in summer.

Takeshiba Pier

During the summer, people wearing a yukata (summer kimonos) gather at Takeshiba because they get a discount on the cruise ship fare when wearing a yukata. They spend the time before the ship leaves the harbor at the festival. The result was an interesting mix of “salarymen” (= office workers) from neighboring office buildings and young people in yukata. It was a very lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Takeshiba Pier

From the promenade, you can overlook Sumida River and Tokyo Bay. You can even see Tokyo SkyTree!

Climbing up the stairs to the promenade, you can look over Tokyo Bay and Odaiba. The cool sea breeze feels very nice! Every time huge passenger ships pass by, people at the festival started waving their hands.

Takeshiba Pier

Of course, I also had something to eat!

Takeshiba Pier

Huge ferries are passing by…

Staff at the festival expressed their strong feelings concerning Takeshiba by wearing logo T-shirts saying  “I ︎ LOVE Takeshiba”. That was very cute^^

In Japan, there are various types of summer festivals in Japan. Meanwhile, “Takeshiba Summer Festival” is a calm festival with great music. In my opinion, it feels more like a festival for adults than for families. Usually, about 5,000 people visit the festival in three days. That sounds like a lot, but since there are the plaza and the deck, it didn’t feel overly crowded like other summer festivals. (That’s actually REALLY nice!)

Takeshiba Pier

Craft beer is one of the highlights of the festival.

The city of Tokyo is changing everywhere. The Olympic Games will be held in 2020. There is not that much time left. Takeshiba area will be reborn as an international business base after completing the new skyscraper building in May 2020.

How about visiting the wonderful community festival in this area while watching a new city being born?

Takeshiba Pier

As soon as the jazz band “TRI4TH” began playing, office workers got up and started to dance.

Event Information:

Takeshiba Summer Festival “Seaside Music & Dining”
※ Held every year in late August
Park: 1-12 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Bay Night Cruising (“NOURYOUSEN’’):

Facility Information:

Takeshiba Passenger Terminal

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