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Tea and tropical birds – Tokyo’s latest animal café trend

Bird Cafe

Animal cafes are trending in Tokyo. I already introduced the “Hedgehog Cafe” in Roppongi. But there are much more! These type of cafes have gained great popularity over the last years. If you aren’t into hedgehogs, don’t worry! This time, I would like to introduce a bird cafe – in Japanese: “Kotori Cafe”!

Kotori Cafe

Look out for this sign: The cafe is located in a back alley

The “Kotori Cafe” is located at Minami-Aoyama, a fashionable area close to the Omotesando station with designer brands and art shops. When you finally stand in front of the cafe, you’ll see the large double-layered window with many colorful birds inside.

Kotori Cafe

This is the entrance of the cafe (The sign is in Japanese)

OK, let’s go inside!
The entrance area is a shop for bird related goods. Sooooooo much cute things! (Typical for Japan…)
I was really amazed that there are so many goods with bird motives and in bird shape. If you are a huge bird fan, THIS is the shop for you.

Kotori Cafe

If you want to buy items related to birds – this is the place to go!

Kotori Cafe

It was quite warm inside the cafe. Since it was cold outside, it felt like heaven.
The birds are in cages that look somewhat like glass showcases partitioning the inside of the café. Because of this, all of the guests can sit close to the birds and watch them while chatting and drinking tea or coffee.

Kotori Cafe

The birds don’t fly around inside the cafe. They share big glass cages.

In one of the cages was a cute bird couple. The couple kept on trying to sit together in a narrow ring. It looked cramped, but both of them seemed so happy and in love. What I learned that day: in Korea, the word “parakeet couple” is used for married couples that really are deeply in love with each other.

Kotori Cafe

At the “Kotori Cafe” there are various kinds of tropical birds. Each bird has a name, and if you ask the staff you they will also tell you about the different characters of the birds.

Kotori Cafe

Cake comes in bird cakes!

Then, our meal was brought in. Look at this! The cakes which are designed like birds come on trays that look like a bird’s cage. How cute is this?! Of course, you have to free your cake-bird… (yummy!)

Kotori Cafe

Hello little bird! Shall I let you out of your cage?^^

For customers who want to eat lunch, there is also “omurice” – omelet rice (a Western-influenced style of Japanese cuisine with rice wrapped in an omelet). If you tell the staff at the time of ordering, you can also draw a picture with ketchup on your “omurice”. If you don’t feel like it, staff will draw a picture of cute birds instead. This service resembles what you would get a maid cafe – but with birds.


Yummy Japanese “Omurice” with ketchup bird decorations

Kotori Cafe


If you pay 500 yen extra, you can go inside a bird’s cage with the staff and meet 2 birds of your choice. Of course, we had to try it!

Touching birds

The cafe staff will tell you how to handle the birds without hurting or frightening them.

The birds were really cute! We were able to take pictures with the birds and we were really happy that we had asked for this 500 yen option.

But: since the birds fly freely around, they may suddenly fly on you head. If you don’t feel comfortable with birds being so close, I recommend you to stay on the other side of the window.

bird on head

If you don’t enjoy birds suddenly sitting on your head – maybe you should keep out of the cage. But it’s soooo much fun!

This was the first time I went to a cafe specialized on birds. It was a lot of fun and I would say that this would be definitely a highlight of your Tokyo trip. The cute design of the delicious cakes and the colorful birds cuddling and singing made this experience a really fun time.  The prices of the meals and drinks are higher ranged – I have to say – but since there is no entrance fee whatsoever, it’s not that bad. This “only in Japan” experience is worth every yen!^^

Kotori Cafe

This is one of those “only in Japan” experiences

Kotori Cafe


6-3-7 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku
Opening hours: 11: 00-19: 00
TEL: 03-6427-5115
HP: http://kotoricafe.jp (Japanese)

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