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Interested in advanced technology? Time to visit TEPIA!


I have some good news for everyone interested in state-of-the-art technology such as robots, AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) and so on. There is a facility in Tokyo where you can discover about Japan’s cutting-edge technology and learn more about our future together with your children for free. That is “TEPIA”!


TEPIA with the big construction site in the background

The TEPIA Advanced Technology Gallery is located near the “New National Stadium”, which is currently under construction for the Olympic Games that will take place in 2020. TEPIA is surrounded by one of the biggest baseball and rugby stadiums. The entrance fee is free – which is great, especially for families with children. They also provide English audio guides for free.


Haven’t you always been longing to see one of those Japanese “care robots”? This is where you can actually touch them!

Right in the center of the entrance hall, you’ll see a huge screen showing people standing in front of it. Well, that’s kind of normal… But this screen, in particular, is connected to a computer programmed to analyze the shape of a person’s face. According to the result, the display will show the gender and age of the person on screen. The results were surprisingly accurate… amazing!


Our three writers getting analyzed…

The exhibition space is divided into domains of social issues, such as “aging society”, “declining population due to declining birthrate” and “future living”. In each section, the displays try to show ways to improve the situation by using IoT, robots, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies.


Measuring our heart rate just by sitting in front of a camera.

For example, they had a computer that can measure your heart rate and degree of stress simply by standing in front of a screen. They also had an electric rollator (= mobility aid for elderly people) that would power assist you when walking up a slope and automatically brake when walking down a slope (or even letting go of the handle). You can actually try out all of these devices.


Staff will explain how everything works.

One of our most favorite devices was the “Manga Generator”. It’s a photo booth where you can create a manga by taking photos of you and your friends.


Creating a manga by taking photos in a photo booth is fun! (You could change the language to English)

Hands-on computer programming

However, the highlight of TEPIA is the “programming experience area” that has just opened as a permanent exhibition this spring. It’s amazing!!


This is the area for experiencing hands-on computer programming.

Here, you can try to program various robots and drones depending on your age and experience.


You don’t need any programming skills to start. The level of difficulty is shown on a sign next to each area. This robot is for older children and adults.

The target age is mainly from elementary to high school students, but even adults like us turned into kids again: There was a hands-on corner programming the flight route of a small drone. You had to make it fly from one place to another. Sounds easy? Well… the three of us felt like scientists trying to accomplish an important mission. We had to retry many times to actually make the drone fly. After completing our mission, we were cheering like little kids 🙂


Landing the drone. Note our excitement 😉

For parents with children, it’s the perfect place to go. You can spend hours playing and programming at TEPIA.

Also, they have 3D printer and robot classes held in Japanese. TEPIA is a great place to go, not only on rainy days but also if you want to do something different from visiting shrines and temples… It’s a really fun and wonderful facility for the whole family!


Bowling with a robot.

By the way, there will be some events for children during the “Golden Week”.
For details click here: https://www.tepia.jp/exhibition/event/2018gw (Japanese)
Duration: Saturday, April 28, 2018 – Sunday, May 6, 2018 (May 1 will be closed)

TEPIA Advanced Technology Gallery

2-8-44, Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 4 minutes on foot from Exit 3 of Gaienmae Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)
HP: http://www.tepia.jp/english
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10: 00 to 17: 00
Closed on Mondays (But open in case of a public holiday. In that case, TEPIA will be closed the following weekday)

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