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Ocean view and canal view: Restaurants with terrace seating at Tokyo’s waterfront

Tokyo is an enormous megapolis. When strolling around the city, you might even forget that Tokyo also is a harbor city facing the sea. But once you get closer to Tokyo Bay, you will start to smell the salty scent of the pleasant sea breeze. The sky broadens and you start hearing the whispering of the waves. In this article, we will introduce two restaurants with terrace seating that offers a nice view of Tokyo’s waterfront!

The name is the motto: “BESIDE SEASIDE” ー a stylish restaurant next to the ocean

Tokyo’s new waterfront landmark “Hi-NODE” with its modern and beautiful exterior

With a lot of greenery, the wide sky, and the blue sea right in front of you, this facility is a wonderful place to relax and recharge!

In August 2019, Tokyo’s new waterfront landmark Hi-NODE opened its doors to the public at Hinode Pier. ‘Hinode’ originally means sunrise, but the pronunciation of Hi-NODE is “high node”. The name stands both for excitement and being a hub for people coming and going. This facility combines restaurants, an observation deck, and a dock lounge.

If you want to enjoy a slow meal outside, we recommend the terrace seats of the stylish restaurant BESIDE SEASIDE. Here you can taste delicious European food. The special holiday-only brunch menu and everyday dinner are also great options!

On a sunny day, the terrace overlooking the dock is a hidden gem!

The chewy pasta and crispy salad are excellent!


2-7-103 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: 
Nearest stations: Hinode Station (Yurikamome), Hamamatsucho Station
Water bus and cruise information: https://www.suijobus.co.jp (Hinode Pier)

How about a “canal view”? “BAGUS BAR SHIBAURA ISLAND”

The canal area at Shibaura in Tokyo. The restaurant is located behind the “Air Terrace” building close to the canal intersection.


The Shibaura area in ​​Tokyo has many canals that intersect vertically and horizontally, making it a great place to take a stroll. Unlike the ever-changing ocean, the canals are very quiet and calm with few high waves. If you want to enjoy the canal view during your meal, we recommend the dining restaurant BAGUS BAR SHIBAURA ISLAND, which has an open terrace surrounded by canals.

The terrace is very quiet and calm!

If you order takeaway, you can also use the tables under the red parasols in front of the restaurant (instead of the terrace seating).

The restaurant’s menu offers a wide variety of foods, including seafood pizza and pasta, as well as curries and gaprao (= Thai stir-fried minced pork).

Gaprao and shrimp curry

Canal at dusk

Enjoy the delicious food and drinks of the restaurant while gazing at the boats and the sunset sky! The relaxing effect of this canal view is immense! Have fun at Tokyo’s waterfront!


Island Air Terrace 1st floor, 4-22-2 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://g.page/bagusbar?share
Nearest stations: Tamachi Station, Mita Station, Shibaura-futō Station (Yurikamome)


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