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The Best of Nara in Tokyo: “Antenna shop” and Restaurant TOKINOMORI


In Tokyo, there are shops – called “antenna shops” – where you can buy products from all regions and prefectures of Japan. These shops are great for browsing around and learning about local specialty products (which has always been a fun experience). Today, I would like to introduce an antenna shop and a restaurant of the Nara prefecture located in the stylish Shirokanedai neighborhood. Join me!

Hidden behind some fancy buildings of the Shirokane “Platinum Street”, Nara’s shop and restaurant “Tokinomori” is a 4-minute walk from Shirokanedai Station (Exit 1).

Look at the beautiful facade of TOKINOMORI!My first impression of the store was “Fashionable!” The architectural design of the building is beautiful. There is a cafe space right at the entrance. In the back of the store, a shop area offers various products made in the Nara prefecture for you to explore.


The shop area offers various products “Made in Nara”


When asking about recommended products, the staff smiled and said right out: “Kudzu! That’s kudzu!” Kudzu (kuzu in Japanese) is a plant. Since ages, the starch of the roots has been used for cooking and traditional medicine in Japan. And Nara prefecture is one of the most famous production areas of kudzu in Japan.


This is what kudzu looks like (photo on top). The powder starch is used for cooking (photo on left) or as an ingredient for udon noodles (photo on right). By the way, isn’t this basket (middle) stunningly beautiful?

The shop had a lot of interesting and cute things. “Deer rice crackers”, cotton and hemp cloths and towels (called “fukin“), basket lunch boxes and bags perfect for the coming warm season, green tea, roasted tea (hojicha)… And, for the first time, I learned about Japanese black tea (wakocha). It tastes like a milder version of England’s famous black tea.


The shop offers different types of tea

Prices range from reasonable articles (starting at about 500 yen) up to pricy (but stunning) handmade products.


On trend! This year, baskets are one big trend. Here, you can find a lot of basket items.


These kind of small items are the perfect gift

I bought a green tea flavored kudzu powder drink and tea. By the way, credit card payment is possible for purchases over 2000 Yen.


I want this basket bag!

Also, a special “Nara Fair” with flower bouquets and fresh veggies will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.


Herbal tea, fresh veggies and flower bouquets from Nara

Tasting Nara’s traditions

On the 2nd floor of the shop, you’ll find a restaurant offering French cuisine with Japanese ingredients, mainly of the Nara prefecture.


The staff is very friendly and welcoming.


The Interior is made of wood and washi paper from the Nara prefecture.

This shop was awarded “one star” by the famous Michelin Guide. So naturally, my expectations were high! And the dishes were oh sooo good! I was deeply moved by the delicious creations that were far beyond my imagination. This restaurant offers course meals for lunch and dinner, starting at 3000 Yen for lunch. (It’s worth it!)


Nutty nougat with a dried, salty cherry tree leaves topping – amazing!!!


Strawberry season: strawberries, mousse and “sake kasu” (lees left over from sake production) together in perfect harmony

Everyone, how did you like the shop?
I really enjoyed Nara’s antenna shop and it’s extraordinary restaurant. I’ll be back soon! Also, this experience really made me want to explore other antenna shops in Tokyo. I am definitely writing about other shops in the future, so please come and visit our page again!

Shop information:

5-17-10 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
4 minutes on foot from “Exit 1” of the “Shirokedai” station of the Toei Mita Line and Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
12 minutes on foot from JR Meguro Station

1F shop “LIVER”
business hours:
11: 00 – 18: 00
(Closed on Mondays)

2F restaurant “CIEL ET SOL”
business hours:
Lunch 12: 00 – 13: 30 L.O.
Dinner 18: 00 – 20: 30 L.O.
Closed on Mondays and no lunch service on Tuesdays
mail: cieletsol@tokinomori-nara.jp

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