Summer in Tokyo: Tokyo Bay Fireworks Cruise

Japan is famous for its summer festivals including beautiful fireworks. In order to watch the “Tokyo Hanabi Taisai EDOMODE” fireworks, which was held at Tokyo Bay, we decided to go on a cruise. Fireworks seen from the ground are beautiful – but how nice must it be to watch it from the sea? We had to check that out! And I am glad we did so. The Tokyo Bay Fireworks Cruise turned out to be a once in a lifetime experience!


The sunset seen from the cruise, wow!

We went on a cruise with the “Anniversary Cruise”, which offers various cruising plans ranging from charters to joint cruises. Our cruise was a joint cruise together with other guests and which served a luxurious “sukiyaki” beef bento box. We departed from the Takeshiba pier, then passed under the Rainbow Bridge, which is a symbol of Tokyo, and finally stopped in front of the artificial island “Odaiba”, where the actual festival was held.

Hanabi4 Fireworks

After sunset, it was time for the show to begin. Small rockets shooting into the air followed by big and bright explosions… all right in front of our eyes! Nothing blocked the view. For me, it was the first time to see professional fireworks from such a close distance. They reflected beautifully on the surface of the sea. It was bright, colorful and very romantic.


Rainbow Bridge – One of the most famous spots of Tokyo, became a part of the spectacular show!

Watching fireworks from a cruise ship was a very luxurious experience. This is something, I will NEVER forget! If you are in Tokyo during the hot summer months, why don’t you onboard a cruise ship to watch the night sky be painted in light, colors and a lot of sparkles?


Information about the Fireworks Cruise:

Anniversary Cruise Homepage 


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