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Experience the latest VR games in Odaiba at Tokyo Joypolis!

Odaiba’s “Tokyo Joypolis” is one of the largest indoor theme parks in Japan. It’s open until late at night and a great place to visit on rainy days. This time we will introduce two of their latest VR attractions, including VR eSports!


Roller coasterCan you see the roller coaster on the right?

Kill zombies and save humanity! ZERO LATENCY VR

In the case of VR games, usually, you play while being connected to a cable – meaning you only move around inside a limited space. However, the six-player game “ZERO LATENCY VR” is different. Each player carries a backpack that sends the game data. No cables! Also, you wear a head-mounted display. Grab one of the massive guns and off you go!



Before you play, you get a short briefing about your mission and about how to use the gun

On the large field where you can move around freely, you proceed in the game while communicating with the other players and the game master using a microphone. That makes the game very strategic – and of course more fun!

The VR headset is connected to the wireless device in your backpack.

The space is pretty large!

The new game “OUTBREAK ORIGINS-Zombie Survival episode 0-” is a story in which the player becomes a member of a special unit and defeats zombies to save humanity.

This is the game screen (4 players split screen view). This might look tame…but it’s really intense!!

I was screaming the whole time…the zombies kept appearing in front of me… but our team managed to defeat the zombies in the end. It was a very refreshing and great gaming experience!
(Fee: Tokyo Joypolis admission fee + 2,000 yen per person (tax included). Reservation required)

Checking our scores. You also receive your personal stats by email.

The popular tactical VR eSports game “TOWER TAG” from Europe in Japan

At “TOWER TAG” you have to “dye” obelisk-like towers on a virtual reality game field with the color of your team using a special gun. The rules are simple. The team who conquered the most towers wins. But wow!! It’s soooo exciting!

Getting ready for the VR match!

VR headset, microphone with earphones, and the gun

When you concentrate too much on conquering the towers, you will be shot by the opposing team, so you can’t win unless you move carefully but speedily. It’s a great team play game. Perfect for couples, family or a group of friends!

Your mission is to conquer the obelisk-like towers on the field (while staying alive)

So much fun!!

(Fee: Tokyo Joypolis admission fee + 800 yen per person (tax included). No prior reservation required)

Since Tokyo Joypolis is always up to date with implementing the latest VR attractions it’s a must-visit place and it will for sure become a highlight of your Japan trip!

TOKYO JOYPOLIS has wide variety of attractions for every age group!

(Watch our Youtube video about Tokyo Joypolis here or read our article here!)

Tokyo Joypolis

Opening hours: 10:00 to 22:00 (last entry: 21:15)
“DECKS Tokyo Beach” 3F-5F, 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest stations: Odaiba Seaside Park Station, Tokyo Teleport Station
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/N3h7oZTrkfhUFj3M7

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