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Minato Science Museum – An amazing science museum with the latest technology

The Minato Science Museum opened in Tokyo’s Toranomon area in June 2020. It is a facility where children and adults have the chance to get a deeper understanding of science while playing games using the latest technology and doing experiments. Why don’t you join us and learn more about science found everywhere in the city and Minato Ward?

Minato Science Museum

Science in the City

The concept of the permanent exhibition corner is to discover and explore “science in the city.” In other words, the exhibits reveal to the visitors how science influences every part of our daily lives.

The permanent exhibit is located in the lower half of this huge sphere.

When you walk inside, head to the middle of the exhibition space where you’ll find a large digital map. This “Minato Quest Map” is a screen in the shape of Minato Ward, Tokyo. By operating one of the panels around it, various digital images will appear on the map.

You can study the different rivers in Minato Ward, the location of the numerous embassies, and the unbelievable changes that Tokyo Bay made throughout history. So much reclaimed land!! Also, if you select “Research Mode”, you can navigate a virtual drone on the screen to discover more. Select the spots you would like to learn more about to see pictures and impressive videos.

Drone mode

All descriptions are in two languages, Japanese and English.

Discover Minato Ward!

The exhibition space consists of four areas: “Nature”, “City”, “Human”, and “Sea”.

In each corner, visitors are encouraged to think about familiar things in the city with a scientific approach. Don’t forget to get your hands on the different games using the latest technology. Let me assure you, these games are also a lot of fun for adults!

Me standing in front of a big screen spreading my arms. During this game, you fly around the city and answer quizzes that pop up on the screen. This was actually really difficult – even for an adult!

A game in which you have to spin a magnet to generate electricity. Then, use the electricity to switch on a LED light. Use the light to point at a small solar panel. The energy is used to move dolls up.

I especially liked the “Sea” and “Nature” corners. Since Minato City faces the sea, it is full of exhibits related to the sea. It was very interesting to see the structure of Japanese breakwaters and bridges from a scientific point of view. Also, I was surprised by how many kinds of (big!!!) insects live in the city.

On the upper left: This is a model of the hanging construction of Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge. It’s an iron rope!

Next time, we will introduce the planetarium of the Minato Science Museum. Stay tuned!

Minato Science Museum

General Admission is free!
3-6-9 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/VwiShjbDpb9qnsfA6
Nearest Stations: Toranomon Hills Station, Kamiyacho Station, Toranomon Station, Roppongi-itchome Station

Event information:
Summer Exhibition “Minato Insect Exhibition 2020” (7/18-9/13, 2020)

Please note that admission is restricted to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition, some exhibits might not be available. For more information, please visit the official website or check this PDF (in Japanese): https://minato-kagaku.tokyo/common/pdf/0710.pdf

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