Trendy newcomer to Tokyo‘s nightlife scene: Clubbing until dawn at “SEL OCTAGON TOKYO”

The capital of Tokyo’s nightlife scene has long been Roppongi, a lively district home to an array of clubs, bars and late night eateries. In the midst of the so-called “bubble economy”, Roppongi was in the center of Tokyo’s nightlife due to a disco boom which escalated in the early 1990s. Thirty years later, a brand-new, state-of-the-art club has opened its doors in Roppongi. “SEL OCTAGON TOKYO” houses the meeting of the latest digital technology and fantastic music!


SEL OCTAGON TOKYO is the Japanese version of famous SEL OCTAGON in Seoul

Enter Sel Octagon Tokyo through the “Sci-fi cave”

The club is a two-minute walk from Tokyo Midtown and as you approach the entrance you are welcomed by a beautiful laser light installation. Once inside, you enter a bright red tunnel that resembles something you’d see in an SF movie.

Red tunnel Tokyo Club

Our three writers ready to go clubbing!

The main area has a DJ stage, a medium-size dancefloor, and several high tables. The layout resembles a live house – but with elevated VIP sofa seats in the back of the floor.


Special VIP bottle service



Divided by a glass wall, you’ll find the so-called Gallery Bar. Actually, SEL OCTAGON TOKYO is a “bar only business” from Monday to Wednesday. On these days of the week, the speakers release ultrasonic waves which are said to have a relaxing effect. Wow, that’s Japan!


Artwork at the Gallery Bar

An authentic club that offers an extraordinary experience

Every week from Thursday to Sunday is club night. DJs from all over the world present their music with a powerful sound system.


After midnight: the highlight of the night

But not only the whole sound installation, but also the visual presentation is breathtaking. Dynamically moving lights and lasers paired with smoke and the 3D sound create an extraordinary space. To be honest, I think you should go there at least once, just to watch the laser show!


Japanese club Tokyo

The beautiful laser show is a must-see

Stay safe!

At SEL OCTAGON TOKYO, if you scan and register the pattern of your palm veins, you will be able to enter the club without any ID (you need your ID to register) and pay the admission cashless. If you leave the rest of your belongings in one of the lockers, you can dance and party as hard as you want without worrying about losing (or being stolen) anything!


Palm scan, SEL OCTAGON app, and the lockers

A Cutting-edge sound and lighting system paired with famous DJs – that’s SEL OCTAGON TOKYO. The music, the whole space and the high level of security are top-notch. If you want to have a night out in Tokyo, head to Roppongi!

SEL OCTAGON party time


7-6-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
HP: https://sel-octagon-tokyo.jp/ (Japanese and English)
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/cWBo8dNn8Qr9AD8f6
Nearest stations: Roppongi Station, Nogizaka Station

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