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Feel the sea breeze at Tokyo’s new waterfront landmark “Hi-NODE”

Tokyo is a harbor city that has developed with the sea. However, often you won’t find any information about Tokyo’s waterfront in travel guides. But let me tell you, it would be a shame if you didn’t experience this exciting area! So why don’t you take a walk to the breezy seaside on a sunny day! Plenty of fun activities await you, including dining at a restaurant overlooking Tokyo Bay, or going on a short cruise on a small cruise ship or water bus! This time, we will introduce the new waterfront landmark “Hi-NODE”.

“Hi-NODE” with its modern, beautiful exterior and interior

In August 2019, Tokyo’s new waterfront landmark “Hi-NODE” opened its doors to the public at Hinode Pier. “Hinode” originally means sunrise, but the pronunciation of Hi-NODE is “high node”. The name stands both for excitement and being a hub for people coming and going. This facility combines restaurants, an observation deck, and a dock lounge where you can spend your time while waiting for your water bus.

Even though the place is close to the Tokyo Highway, it’s a nice place where you can feel a touch of nature while being in the city. You get greenery, a wide sky with no high buildings, and the blue sea right in front of you!



There are various ways to enjoy Hi-NODE. If you want to relax in the sun or play outside with your kids, the large lawn area in front of the facility is perfect. Take-outs, such as hot dogs and coffee, can be purchased at one of the Hi-NODE restaurants.

When we visited, there was an event where you could play with badminton rackets and frisbees for free.

The sky

It is said that smelling the sea breeze stimulates the appetite. If you get hungry, there is the perfect place to enjoy a meal outside in the stylish restaurant “BESIDE SEASIDE” with terrace seats! The restaurant offers delicious European cuisine with salads and pasta. With the ocean right in front of you, nothing is blocking the view on the dock, the passing ships and at the wide sky.

In addition to the wonderful lunch menu, the restaurant has a special holiday limited morning menu on weekends and dinner menu, too.

There are comfortable looking seats inside the restaurant. But if the weather is nice, you should try to get a table on the terrace!

The al-dente pasta and crunchy salad are exquisite!

The ocean

This is the futuristic water bus HOTALUNA that goes up to Asakusa as well as to Odaiba

Hinode Pier is a dock. From here, you can take the futuristic water bus HOTALUNA and go up Sumida River to Hamarikyu Gardens and even Asakusa. Taking the ship in the opposite direction, you will cross under Tokyo’s landmark Rainbow Bridge and go all the way to Odaiba.

If you want to try out a cruise, why don’t you take the Japanese-style “Gozabune” restaurant ship departing from the Hinode Pier, or go on a luxurious “Symphony” bay cruise?

Here is a video about a winter cruise on the “Symphony” cruiser:

If you are looking for something refreshing and new in Tokyo, you should definitely explore Tokyo’s waterfront! Among many beautiful sights, Hi-NODE is a great starting point as well as the perfect goal for your journey, so be sure to visit once!


Hinode Pier
2-7-103, Minato-ku, Tokyo
HP: https://goo.gl/maps/BK8TTBg3F21sf8Sj9
Nearest station: Hinode Station (Yurikamome), Hamamatsucho Station
Ship information: https://www.suijobus.co.jp

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