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Refreshment for your body and soul! Full-fledged coffee, a green garden and modern art at “Toranomon Hills”

Toranomon Hills

Before the Olympic Games take place in 2020, new landmarks are born every day in Tokyo.
“Toranomon Hills” is one of them. It’s is a 247 meters high skyscraper complex surrounded by greenery. Maybe you have heard of the famous “Roppongi Hills“, which is a building of the same brand. It is no wonder that since it’s opening in 2014, “Toranomon Hills” has been in the center of attention because of its nice concept combining food and art! 


This is the mascot character of Toranomon Hills – it’s a white Doraemon

On the lower floors of Toranomon Hills, you’ll find restaurants, a beer pub, cafes, a flower shop, and a bookstore. On the upper floors, there are offices and apartments. As of now, a construction rush is going on around Toranomon Hills. Construction sites everywhere. It’s one of the most changing areas in Tokyo.

Toranomon Hills

Relaxing in the sun

Without entering the main entrance of the building, turn to the left side. Inviting chairs await you there. As you go further, you reach a lawn area spreading on the backside of the building. During the warmer months, events like free yoga lessons are held here.

Toranomon Hills

Exploring the garden

At the center of the grass area, there is an impressive artwork in the shape of a head by the artist Jaume Plensa. You can actually enter the head, and when you look closely, you’ll see that the parts forming the head are made up of words and characters in various languages. (More about public art at Toranomon Hills: here)


“Roots” by Jaume Plensa

When entering the building from the backside, there is a nice cafe overlooking the lawn area. “Toranomon Hills Cafe” is a bright cafe with a terrace which offers a healthy lunch menu. Also, the drink menu is full of creative choices and home-made beverages. Since dinner is available, too, I’m sure you’ll have a great time, whenever you stop by.


How about a scone set for high tea?


Coffee from a laboratory?

There is a very tasty coffee shop on the same floor as “Toranomon Hills Cafe”. At “TORANOMON KOFFEE” staff is wearing white jackets that look like laboratory coats. They will carefully brew a variety of coffee menus using coffee beans stored in beakers… What a show! But mostly, the coffee is really delicious!



Right next to the cafe, there is a door leading to a veranda. Right now, construction work is blocking the view, but actually, it’s an exciting view. The sheets wrapped around the construction site waving in the wind look like modern art from artists like Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Don’t miss the surrounding shops of Toranomon Hills!

Tabisuru Market

This area is called “Tabisuru Market”

Various cafés and shops around “Toranomon Hills” await you when you step out of the building and start walking towards Shimbashi station. One of the restaurants is “Good Morning Cafe & Grill”. This is a restaurant cafe I personally like a lot. The menu is delicious and you’ll find something to eat for everyone in your group.

Tabisuru Market

Good Morning Cafe & Grill

“Toranomon Hills” is easily accessible due to its location near Toranomon station. But instead of using the metro, it’s also a great place to stop by when taking a stroll around Tokyo. For example, you could start your day visiting Tokyo Tower, then climb the steep stairway at Atago shrine, take a break at Toranomon Hills and continue your stroll to Shimbashi station where you can have dinner at one of the small restaurants and pubs (izakaya) under the local station train tracks.

Right now, Toranomon Hills is still unknown abroad since it doesn’t appear in most guidebooks. Still, it’s worth a visit. Why don’t you stop by and be one of the first travelers to explore the area?


Toranomon Hills
1-23-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Good Morning Cafe & Grill
2-16-6 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tabisuru Market

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