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Shopping in Tokyo! From long-established shops to the latest trends: the international shopping street Azabu Juban

The Azabu Juban area is nearby Roppongi, the nightlife and art district of Tokyo. There are old-established Japanese shops with a long history, stores with unusual products, stores that showcase the latest fashion trends. From shopping to delicious meals you will find everything here. During a stroll, my friend Yena and I explored the shopping street and collected “World Cards” for the “Minato Ward World Festival”. (Click here for more information on the event)

Try fresh fish dishes in the famous seafood restaurant “Uokatsu”!

“Uokatsu” is where you can eat fresh fish, which the restaurant owner buys every morning directly at the fish market. During lunchtime, you can also order sets.


Fresh fish anyone?

Choose a seafood dish of your choice, consisting of boiled fish, grilled fish, etc. You also get rice, a miso soup, and a small dish with a specialty. However, if you spend a little more money, you can even order sashimi with your set. The food tastes … WOW! Fresh and tasty.


A set menu is called “teishoku” in Japanese

The portions are also big enough. You can tell that the fish was prepared with care. As you would expect, even miso soup at this fish restaurant tastes great!
My friend Yena and I were completely satisfied. We were not only full but we also got our “World Cards”.

World Cards

These are the “World Cards”

1-6-5 Azabu Juban Minato-ku, Tokyo

A multicultural store offering Japanese-style foreign items

As we walked down the shopping street, we found a shop selling cute baskets. “Kankan Azabu Juban” offers a variety of products developed in Japan that are made from overseas materials.


So much to see and buy…it’s a dangerous place!

When we went in, we discovered that a sale was going on. I browsed through the shelves and then it happened: I fell in love with a green dress. It was love at first sight. There were many other very cute things in the shop that I would have liked to buy in a heartbeat. In order not to spend my whole money, I paid for the dress and quickly left the store … If you are looking for a unique gift or souvenir that you won’t find anywhere else, be sure to drop by!

Lions Mansion 1F, 2-5-9 Azabu Juban Minato-ku, Tokyo

Sweets with a 110-year history: “Kibundo”

At "Kibundo"

At “Kibundo”

The many historic shops in the shopping district Azabu Juban are part of its unique charm. “Kibundo” is one of those shops. The specialties of the sweets shop are small buns with a sweet bean paste filling in the form of faces (they’re called ningyo-yaki in Japanese)! The Japanese sweets are carefully prepared by hand in the back of the shop. They are so popular that they are often sold out. We were lucky to get our hands on one of the last two sets.

At "Kibundo"

The sweets are made inside the shop

The faces of the sweets represent the seven gods of happiness “shichifukujin“, which are said to bring good fortune and wealth.


This is one of the Seven Lucky Gods

Of course, we got our “World Cards” in this store as well!
The bean paste was pleasantly sweet and I immediately felt the need for a sip of green tea.
If you want to try Japanese sweets, you should definitely visit this traditional shop!

2-4-9 Azabu Juban Minato-ku, Tokyo

Trendy: the Italian ice cream parlor “Gelateria Marghera”

Ice cream!

Ice cream!

This ice-cream parlor, opened in Tokyo in 2013, is a branch of a popular Italian ice cream shop. The ice cream sandwiches and parfaits, which are often presented in gourmet and travel magazines, are not only pretty but also excellent in taste! I ordered an ice cream sandwich with delicious green tea flavor, white chocolate chips, and wholemeal cookies. Delicious!

Ice cream!

Which sandwich would you like to try?

Next time, I also want to try the many ice creams, such as pistachio, mango, milk and so on. Which taste would you like to try?

2-5-1 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Azabu Juban is an exciting district that is known for always introducing domestic and overseas trends first. Right next to trendy shops, there are also long-established stores with more than 100 years of history. It is also a place where you never get bored, even if you come frequently. JAPANESE & FOREIGN, OLD & NEW. These are the keywords that best describe Azabu Juban.

Azabu Juban

Exploring the streets of Azabu Juban

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