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Vegans and vegetarians welcome! A visit to an Organic restaurant in the Shirokane area

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Japanese people love to eat. Also, in everyday life and in television programs “food” is a topic everyone talks about. This curiosity regarding food may be one reason why the concept of being “vegan”, or even “vegetarian”, is unknown and sounds strange to many Japanese. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you might worry that you won’t find anything to eat when traveling around Japan … don’t worry! I have a delicious restaurant that I can recommend to you!


ANNIVERSARY GARDEN in the stylish Shirokane area

In recent years, organic food has become very popular in Japan. Although Japanese agricultural products have always been safe and delicious, organic vegetables are said to also be good for your health and beauty, which makes them popular with Japanese women in particular.


The atmosphere is calm and relaxing

“ANNIVERSARY GARDEN” is located in the fashionable and quiet district of Shirokane. The restaurant features organic dishes with ingredients from completely organic farms that use natural cultivation. If you were thinking this means that only the vegetables are organic, you might be surprised to learn that the meat is too! So there is something for everyone to enjoy!


So many choices…

The wonderful thing about “ANNIVERSARY GARDEN” is that they don’t only focus on organic cuisine; there are also dishes for different food preferences and needs, such as food allergies, vegan, gluten-free dishes and so on. The drinks are no exception. There are many healthy drinks, including cold-pressed juice and trendy Kombucha. With so many choices, it’s actually difficult to decide on something!


An organic feast!

In the end, we ordered an organic red vegetable salad with a beet dressing, roasted naturally grown vegetables, grilled Tanba chicken with rice koji and apple pie for dessert. All of the dishes were absolutely delicious. What really impressed me is the fact that hardly any spices were used in the cooking of the food. In Japan, there has long been the mindset that one should emphasize and enjoy the natural flavors of the food. Maybe that’s why the Japanese eat raw fish? After all, there is nothing more natural than raw fish, right?


Grilled Tanba chicken with rice koji

Occasionally there are restaurants in Japan that use a minimal amount of spices. “ANNIVERSARY GARDEN” is one of them. The only thing you get is salt with herbs and a pepper sauce. As mentioned above, the spices pair well with the food, and instead of changing the overall taste, the spices were highlighting the taste of the ingredients.


Roasted veggies

Thanks to the fantastic and very friendly service in this small restaurant, we had a very good time. “ANNIVERSARY GARDEN” itself was also a very elegant restaurant, which is said to be very popular with the celebrities who resides in the Shirokane area. (There were many stylish guests in the restaurant.)


Apple pie

I highly recommend this restaurant for people who already are vegetarians or vegans, and want to have a special experience. But also those who want to eat healthy products, to be “beautiful from the inside”, should definitely try this restaurant!


Digging in!

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5-3-8 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[OPEN] reservation required
Lunch 11: 30-15: 00 (L.O.)
TEA TIME 15: 00-17: 00
DINNER 18: 00-22: 00 (20:30)
[CLOSED] Tuesdays

Access: 9 minutes walk from Shirokane-dai Station, Exit 1

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