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“Meat” me in the hidden alley: Exploring the “Yakiniku Street” in Shinagawa!


Shinagawa in Tokyo has been a city of departing and arrival since the Edo period. Frequented by numerous people this town is also known for its numerous eateries. When you dive in and dig deep, you’ll find a labyrinth with hidden restaurants in the back alleys of Shinagawa Station Konan Exit. A “yakiniku paradise” awaits you there!


Red lanterns of restaurants

When it becomes Friday night, office workers from the many office buildings of Shinagawa head towards the restaurant and bar area close to the Konan Exit of Shinagawa Station. Follow them! Next, walk into one of the narrow alleys between the buildings that face the main road. THIS is where you should go.


The narrow gap between the buildings is where you enter the yakiniku street

The backstreet area is also packed with small restaurants with white steam emerging from the kitchens. Apart from being the perfect photogenic location for atmospheric Instagram photos, it also smells nice! Here, you will find numerous “yakiniku” (= grilled beef) restaurants that offer one of the most popular dishes in Japan.


The small grill on the right photo is called “shichirin”. It’s portable and after preparing it, staff will carry it to your table.

The shop that we chose is called “Banya”. Yakiniku is like an indoor BBQ. “Banya” uses traditional “shichirin” (= small charcoal grills). There is one on each table.


Warming up!

Dig in!


Ordering a set is great when sharing. Choosing from the menu was quite difficult. There were too many delicious looking choices! To make things easier we decided to order a meat set, a veggie set, and some sides. It was a tremendously gorgeous dinner party. The meat plate also had some “wagyu” – the famous Japanese beef. It was exquisite! Wagyu beef is different from “normal” beef since it is marbled. The meet will melt on your tongue! Delicious!


We surely need some practice – ignore the black spots…

Yakiniku is great. You can take your time and grill the food at your own pace, in your favorite order and how you like it. Office workers were enjoying the start of the weekend and it was all in all a very pleasant atmosphere.


What a wonderful sight!

Join locals and office workers at the yakiniku barbecue alley! Don’t be shy and definitely enter the labyrinth behind the buildings of the main street – that’s the way to do it! If you “get lost” in this mysterious maze, I’m sure you’ll find your new favorite yakiniku restaurant.




Yakiniku Shubo Banya
2-2-15 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo


It’s a 1-minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station Konan Exit, and a 3 minutes walk from Keikyu Shinagawa Station.

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