Setsubun: bean-throwing festival at Zojoji Temple – Goblins Out! Fortune In!

Setsubun, a popular seasonal event under the theme of “Goblins Out! Fortune In!” at Zojoji Temple (4-7-35, Shibakouen, Minato-ku) will be held on Friday, February 3.
By the red lacquered three deliverance gate “Sangedatsu-mon”, there will be parades by men and women born under the same zodiac sign as the year (“toshi-otoko, toshi-onna”) wearing old ceremonial dress and cute kindergarteners wearing handmade colorful ceremonial dress.

On the special stage, rice cake pounding (“mochi-tsuki”) and the goblin quiz (“oni-mondo”) are carried out, and the bean-throwing festival at noon performed by the sumo-wrestlers and celebrities born under the same zodiac sign as the current year makes the festival yet more gorgeous.

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